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Pendants with diamonds are certainly famous accessories, especially among women. They greatly enhance a person’s look, charisma, and elegance. Although a bit pricey, they are indeed worthy of buying or even getting fully customized by yourself.

Getting your pendants custom-made is a great way to express yourself more in terms of personal preference. But before you go to the available nearest shop and have one, check out these four essential things to consider in customizing your pendant with diamond first. They will be helpful in coming up with the right ideas and designs for your pendant.

1. The Wearer’s Fashion Sense and Style

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When it comes to the custom pendant, ItsHot knows exactly what you must know about your desired wearer’s fashion sense and style. If the wearer is you, then that might not be much of a problem. But if getting a pendant customized for other people, you might exert a little effort in capturing their taste in fashion.

You can do some scrolls on their social media profiles and look for possible jewelry or accessory collections if you want it as a surprise. This way, you can develop some good design ideas that will fit their cup of tea.

You can also ask and check them out personally and look for designs that they do not own yet to make it more special and memorable to your recipient. It can also help them to have more choices on what to wear to different occasions and events, matched with their attire.

2. Diamond Shape

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There are many possible diamond shapes you can end up in customizing your pendant. While the princess and brilliant round cut ones are the most known diamond shapes, there are still other shapes available. Some of these are fancy-shaped ones like the pear or heart shapes if you want to be adventurous in this solitaire setting.

Aside from the mere shape, it would be more interesting to know the symbolic meanings behind these diamond shapes. This is helpful in customizing your diamond pendant to make it more meaningful and sincere. Here are some:

  • The round-shaped diamond means that the wearer is trustworthy, faithful, honest, dependable, and empathetic.
  • Oval ones signify individuality, risk-taking, discipline, stability, and elegance of the wearer.
  • Princess shape is for a fun-loving, bold, organizer, efficient, and sensible person.
  • Pear shape implies passion, romance, adventure, and exquisite taste of the person.
  • Heart shape symbolizes sensitivity, affection, femininity, thoughtfulness, and emotion of the wearer.

3. The Wearer’s Age

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Pendant designs are not really a universal thing where everybody can enjoy wearing it. Age is an essential factor in custom-made diamond pendants. What seems to be appealing to the oldies may not be the same on the youngsters’ taste.

For the oldies, they usually like simple designs because it can give off the vibe of elegance and sophistication. With this piece of accessory, it can enhance their simple expression through fashion even if they are somehow out of the trend.

Meanwhile, it is a no-brainer that the youngsters and teens like to keep up with the trendy stuff in wearing jewelry. They generally like designs that are fun and adventurous to look at.

4. Diamond Pendant Setting and Its Necklace Designs

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There is a wide variety of options in terms of designs in customizing your diamond pendant. Vendors can also have their recommendations like in colored metals such as platinum, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold for the settings and chains.

When it comes to set design, you can also think of the prong settings in which your diamond is being secured from getting detached from the pendant. You can choose the 4 or 6 prong settings, the most popular type of mounting to hold the diamond on your pendant tightly.

One of the advantages of why you should consider having a prong setting to your pendant is that aside from keeping the diamond to fall, prongs allow more light into the diamond. That will make your pendant have a flash of better brilliance and sparkle.

Bezel settings are also famous among buyers and those who want to get their pendants customized. This setting features a metal rim that surrounds the whole diamond, which improves the diamond shape outline and adds to the center stone’s stability and protection.

However, unlike the prong settings, bezel settings reduce the diamond’s brilliance and sparkle due to the metal rims preventing the light from striking the diamond.

Meanwhile, a halo settings design type showcases the diamond surrounding the center stone. In this way, the design type enhances the pendant’s sparkle and can make the diamond more popped, creating an illusion of having a larger-looking diamond.

5. Knowing the Basics of 4C’s

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The diamond’s 4C’s are the parameters that make up a high-quality diamond for any jewelry, including pendants. It can also help determine the certain value of the diamond. Understanding the basics of 4C’s can greatly enhance the customization of your diamond pendant, bringing out its tantalizing quality and beauty.

4C’s stands for:

  • Cut – the diamond’s proportions, angles, symmetrical facets, brilliance, and finishing details
  • Color – the shade of the diamond
  • Clarity – the number of inclusions and blemishes
  • Carat – the weight or size of the diamond

In customizing a diamond pendant, the cut must be the top priority. A well-cut diamond can exhibit a high level of scintillation and dispersion that will make the stone look alive and captivate people’s eyes.

The next priority is the size of the diamond. Make sure to customize your pendant in average size, just enough for other people to notice it in a viewing distance. Size matters in jewelry, too.

For clarity, you may go with the slightly included (SI) diamond and a lower color grade under I or J.


Above all these guides before you start customizing your pendant as a gift to yourself or other people is the bottom line— you must know the wearer’s preferences in wearing jewelry and accessories such as pendants. Remember that when you like what you wear, you become confident about yourself. Thus, take your time in customizing your diamond pendant.