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There are many legends that tell of creatures that slither through the depths of rivers, seas, and oceans. Despite the spread of human civilizations, there are still areas that have not been explored. Legends such as the Loch Ness monster and the Kraken have become part of humanity’s collective imaginations, and to be able to find one of these creatures can mean fame and fortune for anyone.

There are still areas that could hide these fantastical creatures, and if you want to search for these legends, you should arm yourself with the best tools possible. Here are 7 Things you will need for underwater monster hunting.

1. Ship

Of all the tools that you will need to look for the deep-sea monsters of legend, the most important is the ship. Remember that you will need to go to uncharted areas all over the world. So if you are going to conduct deep-sea explorations, you should make sure that you equip yourself with sea vessels large enough to hold a crew, your equipment, and other small vessels that will accompany you.

The vessels should be the size of a research vessel or at the very least yacht size. The boat should also be durable and powerful enough to plow through the ice and other debris. Remember that during your expedition, you will be far away from civilization. So the boat should be large enough to hold lifeboats and the necessary supplies to survive at sea.

2. Mini Submarines

Aside from your main boat, you should really invest in mini-submarines. These submarines are small scale submarines that are usually used to excavate and explore the deepest parts of the ocean. They are usually equipped with robotic arms and powerful lights that can illuminate vast parts of the ocean floor.

These implements are very necessary because the ocean floor can be littered with a myriad of debris, and you will need the robotic arms to sift through them. The ocean floor is also extremely dark and cavernous. If you go down there without proper illumination, there is a chance that your submarine will collide with the rocks. When it comes to actually look for deep-sea creatures, the most used equipment will always be your submarine, so you should choose the best one possible.

3. A Powerful Lighting system

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When it comes to sailing, lights are extremely important. Remember that you will be leagues away from civilization. There will be times where the stars are the only lights you will see. So you should make sure that you equip your vessel with a powerful lighting system. The boat should have spotlights installed on key parts of the boat. There should also be spotlights installed underneath the boat, to provide overall illumination. Aside from a powerful lighting system, you should place emergency lights and flares all over the boat in case of an emergency.

4. A Sturdy Floating Dock System

Aside from a boat, you should make sure that your team has a sturdy floating dock system. There will be times where you will need to have all your equipment with you. By having a floating dock system, you will have a sturdy platform that you can conduct all your operations. You won’t need to go up and down the ship just to get key pieces of equipment. You can even use the floating dock to conduct repairs on your submarines. You won’t have to lift it back up to the ship.

Floating docks are made of plastic floating docks, and they can be assembled and disassembled with minimal effort. They are also very portable, and you can just store them within the ship any time you do not need them. If you want to buy them in bulk, you can check on this site offers a myriad of affordable floating dock materials and applications. Here you can place your order easily and have it delivered promptly.

5. Reliable Sonar System

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Aside from having a powerful light system, you should also have a reliable solar system. Sonar is a technique that uses sound propagation to detect objects and navigate on or under the water. Most sailors use modern sonar systems to navigate in the open seas. Aside from navigation, you could also use your sonar system to aid your exploration. All in all, sonar systems are extremely important, so you should really equip your boat and submarine with top of the line sonar machines.

6. Sturdy Nets

Although there is no definite proof that your deep-sea creature exists, you should still be as prepared as possible. What if the creature came within range of your boat and you don’t have the right equipment to capture it? Then the whole trip would have been for nothing. Capturing the creature may seem barbaric, however, it is the only way you can prove that the creature truly exists so capturing it is the only option. Your nets should be attached to a strong pulley system and are capable of taking a great deal of damage.

7. Funding

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It goes without saying that the whole operation will take a great deal of time and resources, and unless you are fabulously wealthy, there is a chance you’ll end up bankrupting yourself before you even get to sail out. So you will need to find yourself a benefactor to fund and equip your expedition. Your best bet would be universities or scientific organizations, however, you should make sure that you do your research and have the evidence to back it up. They won’t shell out a small fortune to fund a wild goose chase.


Throughout history, legends of undersea monsters are very prevalent, and anyone who is able to discover them will gain fame and fortune. However, If you are thinking of going to monster hunting, you should make sure that you have the right tools. With these 7essentials, you’ll increase your chances of finding these long lost legends.