Settling for a pet, especially a puppy is always exciting news! It is always great to have a new member added to your family. Raising a dog can be one of the life-changing events that you experience in your life. To begin with, you will never find any other fluffy pet that can be as loyal as a canine can be. However, as a pup parent, you have to give your dog the best that it can get for as long as it’s there for you. Read on to discover the essentials you will need when you introduce your furry friend into your family.

1. They Need Loads of Care and Attention

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Animals need all the care that they can get from you, and that is why you have to be dedicated and committed to them. Many dogs can get depressed if they do not get enough attention and companionship from their owners. This issue can be unfortunate to dog parents with busy schedules or to those who travel a lot. Apart from being there to spoil your pup with love, you need to pamper it from time to time. Grooming them and making sure that it’s always in a clean and tidy place is one of the ways to pamper and take care of them. Most importantly, you have to ensure that they have everything they need within reaches, such as food and water.

2.  Not All Breeds are the Same

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Just like people are different due to their different backgrounds or culture, so are the variety of canines due to their different breeds. The more you know about the breeds, the more you will be able to understand their identities. Knowing the identity of their breed is important as it helps you deal better with its personality traits. It can also help you know if it is compatible with your lifestyle and character.

3.  When to Train

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Training is a vital step that you must take. It is best to do so at an early age when it’s just a little pup; the earlier, the better. Unlike humans, dogs need to be trained to be able to transition from the baby to the adult phase in a healthy and manageable manner. In addition, training your puppy will help it learn how to socialize and deal with the outside world. After all, you won’t be keeping your dog at home forever. Besides, it encourages them to adapt to good habits from an early age. Not just that, but it will also make things easier for you as an owner when you communicate and deal with your dog.

4. Pet-Proofing Your House

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Keeping your fluffy companion safe is the one thing that you must live for as a dog parent. If you’re planning on having them indoors, then you need to make sure that your house is pet-proofed to keep it safe from getting injured or getting into trouble. Pet-proofing keeps them safe from anything that can harm them when they get curious to investigate around, such as wirings, medicines, poisonous plants, house cleaners, etc.

5. Medical Advancements Can Be Beneficial

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Setting a healthy lifestyle for your furry friend is very important. Many people seek most of the modern medical advancements that their pets can benefit from. CBD oil for pets has been going viral lately, which has caught the attention of people that are definitely interested in trying it. As mentioned on, finding the perfect CBD oil for your dog can be very beneficial as it helps them both mentally and physically. For starters, CBD oil for dogs helps promote relaxation, making them less likely to feel tired. Speaking of relaxation, this can help aid their brain’s health. As for physically, CBD oil enhances the mobility of their joints and bones.

6. Having a Proper Pet ID

Unfortunately, many dogs lose their way back home or may get lost during a walk in the park. Having a plan for this unfortunate event is a must. You can track your lost pup in many different ways. However, as simple as it may sound, all you have to do is ensure that your dog has a proper ID on it when you go out. This ID should have everything that a person needs to know to get it back to you, such as your name, address, or mobile number.

7. Finding a Good Vet

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Finding an expert for your fluffy friend is going to be your savior from any troublesome surprises that might show up. Being the dog parent that you are now, you can never trust someone else’s words except your own veterinarian. They know what’s best for your pet because they will have dealt with them on numerous occasions. You will always find yourself running to them whenever you face a problem with your dog’s health or behavior. They will also make sure that they get their vaccinations at the right time, as well as follow up with you for regular checkups.

8. Being a Dog Parent Can Be Expensive

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Raising a puppy can be as expensive as raising a child. After all, you’re a dog parent, so isn’t your pup your child? It will come to your attention when you regularly get their vaccinations, take it to grooming salons, buy all of its toys and essentials, etc. Even though the expenses can be annoying to your wallet, you have to be prepared for that. Owning a dog can cost you because they need proper care and treatment.

9. Getting Suitable Toys

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Dogs have a high tendency of getting bored easily, and that’s why they always need the constant distraction. Luckily, there would be no better distraction than a chewable toy to keep them busy. Those chewable toys do not only distract them, but they also keep their teeth and gums healthy. Apart from that, they need a form of distraction to aid their brain. In this case, you can try doing some puzzles with them to help stimulate their mentality.

Becoming a dog parent is worth it! They are the ideal companions for any person. They help you deal with stressful days and give you a sense of security and love. Despite all of the perks of having this beautiful intelligent creature as a pet, you have to make sure that you are responsible and tend to all their needs to ensure they have a long and healthy life.


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