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Liquid consumption plays a vital part in our lives and plays a crucial role in the functioning of the human body. Human beings have the capability of surviving without food but survival is not possible without liquid consumption. This is because all our body systems, cells, organs, and tissues are using it for playing their part in the body. Proper functionality requires proper and maximum liquid intake. It helps in carrying nutrients to the cells present in our body and also carries oxygen to the brain for proper functioning. It allows our body to absorb essential nutrients like glucose, minerals, vitamins are other substances.

It kicks out toxins and waste material out from the body and regulates temperature. It saves our joints, bones, and muscles from injuries by acting as a lubricant. What form of liquid can serve the best purpose? Yes, you think right, the answer is water.  Our bones contain 31% of water and 83% of water is present in the lungs. Our daily activities like sweating, breathing, releasing urine, etc. cleanse out water from the body. We have to ensure the maximum intake of fluids and liquids for fulfilling our needs.

1. Impact of water intake in our lives

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1. Creation of saliva

Saliva is a liquid made up of water. It helps in breaking down food into small pieces and keeps our mouth healthy. Sometimes you feel that your mouth is dry, which means your liquid intake is not sufficient.

2. Normalization of body temperature

Keeping your body hydrated maintains the temperature of the body. Our body continuously loses and release water through our physical and other activities. If we live in hot countries, our liquid intake should be more than from the ones living in a cold climate. According to weather conditions, manage your intake need. Fewer intake results in dehydration, this lowers the level of plasma content in the blood.

3. Cognitive function

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Proper liquid intake helps in better memory, absolute focus, and keeps us aware and alert.

4. Works as a protection system

It lubricates and acts as a cushion between our joints, spinal cord, and tissues that makes us more active physically active. Disposal of water through sweating and other process makes our bowel movements healthy. Proper intake keeps our kidneys healthy and prevents kidney stones.

5. Powerhouse

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The liquid is a powerhouse for energy. It helps in maximizing our physical performance during sports, exercise, and increases stamina.

6. Helps in boosting energy levels

Drinking pure water boosts our metabolic rate. This boost gives a positive impact. 30% of metabolic rate can be increased by consuming 500 milliliters of water. Try not to exercise in hot places and heat because without dehydration, severe medical incidents can happen that can cause seizures, and sometimes, even death.

2. Bottled water and environment

If we analyze the current ongoing situation of our living areas, there are hardly any areas where we can find clean drinking water. Otherwise, people are bound to boil or filter it or go for mineral water. Water pollution has forced the families to move towards other options of water plus one of the best options now is bottled water. Click here for more info

3. Packaging of bottles

Packaging plays a crucial part in preserving and protecting stuff from waste materials. It helps in maintaining the original purity and safety. Currently, plastic bottles are used for packaging by most of the brands. Plastic needs to be replaced because it is killing our wild, marine, and aquatic life. It is assumed that in 2050, there will be only a single fish to one plastic bottle. 500 billion plastic bottles are produced every day that is damaging a lot of things. 8 million tons of plastic is disposed of in oceans that get stuck in the mouths of sea animals and kills them underwater.

Every plastic bottle uses oil supply during transportation and making. Millions of crude oil barrels are used in its production. During transportation, the atmosphere also gets polluted. Other than that, plastic bottles contain many chemicals like BPA, Bisphenol-A, etc. which are not good for health. When bottles are exposed to heat, chemicals might leach into bottled water. Even after so many disadvantages, it is still used in many restaurants and juice corners to store drinks and juices. The new shapes are so catchy that attract the customers and persuade them to buy it.

4. Harmless solution when it comes to the packaging of bottles

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The aluminum packaging of bottles saves us from the harm caused by plastic bottles. It offers high corrosion resistance thus whatever we store in these packaging remains safe from UV rays, water vapors, fats, oils, and other microorganisms. It is hygienic, non-toxic, and retains the actual taste. It provides optimal protection through metal barrier keeping the stuff fresh and gives longer shelf life. Aluminum has a unique range of properties that make it a perfect material for packaging purposes. It is lightweight that helps in cutting down the cost of transport.

It is extremely flexible and can be rolled into thin size foil however it still retains its strength. It is 100% recyclable and only 5% of energy is used in making new products. It is one of those packaging that is widely recycled throughout the world. It is readily available almost everywhere. Its recycling process is hassle-free and no sorting process is required. It can be reprocessed into many forms while resisting and maintaining its quality. Aluminum has a solid ability to restore beverages and other stuff and its solid packaging keeps the risk of contamination away.

Keeping in view the above-stated facts and information, aluminum packaging bottled water is best for storing any type of liquid. We are responsible for providing the best to our loved ones. Water can’t be replaced with any other drink. It is a natural drink that can’t be replaced with any other type of liquid. When we feel thirsty our body craves none other liquid except pure water. We have to choose wisely and make a sensible decision because our health is relying on the quality of water.