Advertising is everywhere, so it pays to stand out. These 14 ads are some of the most creative in recent years.

13A New Way to Think About Condoms


They call them “protection” for a reason, right?

12The Reality of the Digital Age

The Reality of the Digital Age

It’s easy enough to express concern through your keyboard. It’s another to actually do something.

11Putting It Into Perspective

Putting It Into Perspective

The easiest way to remind people to conserve space may be to take space away.

10What You Can Say With a Lack of Space

What You Can Say With a Lack of Space

What better way to illustrate that less is more?

9A New Way to Think About Sandwiches

A New Way to Think About Sandwiches

S*x sells, but apparently, subtlety doesn’t.

8The Edible AD


This is brilliant: even if people think it’s a hoax (which it isn’t), they’ll likely still be curious to nab a piece for themselves, just because.

7Controversy Creates Cash (Sometimes)


The joke in this Reebok ad got a lot of attention. Unfortunately, it was all negative and the ad was quickly pulled.

6When is Vandalism Legal?


When it’s advertising!

5Poking Fun to be Serious


You might think it’s a joke in poor taste given the subject matter, but it does make you think.

4Make an Eyesore Something More


Cities aren’t always the prettiest places, which isn’t always helped by massive advertisements like posters and billboards. So it makes sense to save space by taking some of the more unsightly elements of the cityscape and turn them into artful adverts.

3Make You Look Twice…


…and maybe call the police?

2Minimalism in The Digital Age


Sometimes the fewest words have the most impact.

1Creative Bus ADS


Ads on the side of a bus are a pretty common sight in big cities, so it’s refreshing to see an ad that makes clever use of the bus design.


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