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Every country’s military is crucial, and not just because it offers defense against direct threats. Most people still believe their country’s military is only there for national security and warfare, but its capabilities are broader than that.

If you’re wondering about what the military brings to the table, read on to learn more about the 8 reasons why it’s still important.

Career Opportunities

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You have numerous career opportunities thanks to the military. Some people have issues landing a decent job that pays well. The military has hospitals, private sector intelligence agencies, colleges, aircraft manufacturing factories, air-ambulances for search-and-rescue, translation positions, army writing, and many more job opportunities. The military can provide you with a career for life, and unlike many careers that inevitably one day become spent and worn, the military provides longevity and you can make the seamless transition from active duty to office-based duty quite easily.

It can be difficult for soldiers to assimilate to desk work, however, so many choose to go up in rank toward the leadership of the army, rather than to move over to more clerical work. However, many soldiers have successfully moved over to clerical work, so you should never think that the army is limited to active careers, as there is a whole show behind the scenes seldom thought of whenever you think about the military itself. It is more than soldiers.

Development of New Technology

The military understands the value of technology and uses it for the greater good. Some of our everyday devices and appliances come from the military. High quality and modernized solutions can ensure success in every aspect of life and they’re not just focused on warfare or defense against threats. The US army prides itself on modernizing its forces and believes it’s much more important than enlarging forces. The developers and manufacturers at have rugged solutions that fit perfectly and conveniently in military and combat situations, whether it’s for tactical systems, durable computers, or multi-display screens. In addition to improving the military’s strength and capabilities, each new piece of technology is eventually transformed to be used by the public after the military has tested and perfected it.

Strategic Planning

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This is one of the most important things we can learn from our military forces. The military produces thousands of plans every day and the ones that do get implemented help shape the country to be better. If you compare it with the business sector, you’ll see that planning only happens once or twice a year in the business world. When a plan goes wrong, businesses might not react to it quickly and fix it in time. However, the military is constantly planning and the process is ongoing.

This means that they are ready for anything that could happen and we should all learn that from them. Strategic planning for the military can be incorporated into real life in a big way. By successfully learning to plan strategically you will be able to then use this planning and cunning, as it were, to dominate the real world. Many soldiers find themselves out of work when they return from the military, but this domineering can-do attitude can prove to be wondrous for budding businessmen. You must always hold on to your strategic instincts post-service so that you can give yourself the best start after the military.

Good Manners

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Knowing our manners can help us greatly in life and this is a valuable lesson that we can learn from those in uniform. The respect you show and how you behave amongst other people in life is what gets you admired by people. You will get that respect back and more because you’ve shown politeness to everyone around you. This earns you the respect you need to succeed in life. Manners are seldom thought of anymore and with everybody being rude all of the time, it is no surprise that we need to focus more on our manners. The military ingrains manners in you, which is why you will see many ex-servicemen furious when people do not show them cordiality or offer them the respect they are due.

Composure and Focus

You can see that everyone who’s been in the military shows great composure and focus. These are excellent traits that we can learn from our country’s military. When there is an emergency or a disaster, you need the presence of mind to react to it perfectly and decisively. You need to be calm, focused, and confident to be able to handle tough situations effectively without getting too stressed or panicked.

Being Neat and Tidy

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The military also teaches us how we can be neat and tidy, whether it’s making our beds, dressing right, or keeping our rooms clean. This even shows in public buildings and any type of equipment related to the military. From the example led by the military, we can learn how to maintain everything around us, keeping it clean and presentable.

Value of Backup

Sometimes you need a little backup to carry on, and the military knows there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Some people are too prideful to do so and they could become burned out or worse. The military sees it as a good thing because having that friend or colleague that has your back can save your life. It’s a great lesson to learn and we should all value any type of backup in life.


The military believes discipline is the essence of life. As human beings, we would be nothing without discipline. Having it in life means we focus on every task, no matter how big or small. Also, we learn to focus on the little tasks even more because if not done properly, then the big tasks will be more difficult to accomplish.

The military is constantly on the move and it evolves faster than any other entity. Its ability to adapt to quickly changes is extremely impressive and it’s something we should all aspire to achieve. Any country’s military is important because not only will it serve as the country’s shield of defense, but it can also prove to be beneficial in different aspects of our lives, whether it’s the invaluable services they provide or the fundamental traits they teach us.