Being overweight is one of those universal issues that people and especially women complain about. That number on the scale affects the way we see ourselves as well as other people. In extreme cases, weight can take over someone’s life and dictate how they perceive their body.

These few extra pounds you gain over the holidays can leave you feeling down and uninspired. That is exactly why every January gyms around the world become packed with people willing to change their lives and shape up for a successful year ahead.

The impact your weight has on the way you feel inside and how you present yourself is undeniable, making you feel great and more confident when you look in the mirror.

So, let’s see how exactly a big weight loss can change your whole character.

1It Boosts Your Confidence


How you go about losing weight will say a lot about the kind of person you are. Think of all the times you and your friends talked about dieting and how you all expressed your desire to lose weight. Only someone with perseverance and determination will do something about it.

In the same vein, the health experts at Region Vavid point out that losing some extra pounds will make you gain your confidence back.

You will be more in control of your life and reflect a confident demeanor when dealing with others. Moreover, you will appreciate the effort you have put into losing weight and feel newfound respect towards yourself, giving you a boost of forgotten confidence.

2You Become More Self-Accepting

Just like you would applaud other people when you see them working hard towards achieving their goals; you tend to do the same with yourself. Even if this wasn’t the case before, and you are not yet at your target weight, along the journey, you tend to accept your body as it is and learn to love how it’s responding to what you’re putting it through.

Self-acceptance is what will make you push through and understand that even if you plateau along the way or even lag, it is ok, as you can always get back on track.

3Your Mind Will Function Better


Most athletes and fitness instructors will tell you how everything starts with the mind. Along your weight loss journey, your mind will learn what it is capable of. It’s as if you have trained your mind as well to make better choices.

After all, your mind controlled what and when to eat and pushed your body to train hard at the gym, so just like your physique, it’s in its best shape.

After long days of deciding to go for a salad and ditch dessert to lose the weekly 5 pounds you agreed on with your nutritionist, your mind is used to the holistic way of thinking. This will be reflected in work and everyday life where you will make decisions more systematically by always looking at the bigger picture.

4It Will Help You Prioritize Your Health

After losing weight, people usually report being more appreciative of their health. They see firsthand the effect getting in shape has on their wellbeing. Breathing becomes much easier, digestion issues are kept at bay, and energy levels spike to a record high.

You will appreciate how you can spend a day at the park, running around with your kids without feeling like you’re dying. This new health consciousness will encourage you to always be aware of what is going on with your body and go for essential checkups to ensure its health.

5You Learn to Be Empathetic


Being able to relate to what someone else is going through after you finish a tough challenge will make you kinder and more empathetic towards people in general. You will be more understanding of the fact that every single person has their share of battles to fight, so it’s better to just be nice and not make things harder for anyone.

Your emotional weight loss journey is someone else’s struggle to find a job or another’s fight with bullying. Realizing this fact will make you more empathetic with everyone around you.

6You Become More Outgoing

As hard as it is to admit, many people allow their weight to hold them back from going out into the world and enjoy living normal lives. If you have fallen victim to the same, you will notice that when you are well into your weight loss journey, you will want to celebrate your new body that you have worked so hard for.

Your outlook on life will be much more positive especially after the long time you lost dwelling in self-pity feeling helpless. You will feel that your social life is taking an upturn towards the better. New experiences and adventures will be waiting for you. You are even going to go out of your way to seek new ways where you can put your new body and confidence to the test.

7Stress Will Not Become The Usual


Long gone will be the days where stressful thoughts that have to do with your weight consume you and wear out your brain. Before, thoughts like how you would like to lose weight and how it is affecting every aspect of your life were enough to leave you feeling always stressed and wound up.

However, after winning your weight loss fight and losing a lot of weight, you will notice that you have learned new ways to distress along the way. Incorporating these new activities into your daily routine like working out or meditating are the best ways to decompress and enjoy some downtime for your good.

Weight loss can be such an eye-opening experience. You get to learn about yourself and change what you don’t like about your character just like you are doing with your body. It’s a chance to start anew and give yourself a much-needed makeover to live a fuller life all around. Weight loss is indeed challenging and can even be draining, but it will be worth it when you see how it changes you inside out.