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It does not matter if are just going to buy a motorcycle or you are already an avid rider, you need to have the proper clothes. Even though this type of clothing can be quite appealing and stylish, biker outfits are not necessarily about fashion. They are specifically made to protect you in case of an accident, and they also provide comfort while riding.

An experienced rider will never get on his or her bike without the specific clothing as well as protective gear. On a motorcycle, you are not protected by your vehicle in any way, like in the case of cars, for example.

Therefore, bikers rely strictly on the protective gear and the appropriate clothing. Having the right outfit when riding can help you avoid many troubles and injuries in the unfortunate event of an accident.


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The helmet is the mandatory equipment of any motorcyclist. Of course, it cannot completely safeguard you from injuries, but it can save your life in many types of situations. Wearing a helmet can definitely protect you in case of accidents when you fall and hit your head.

Moreover, since you do not have the protection of a windshield, like in the case of cars, the helmet is an effective shield against dust, wind, branches, and stones that are flying from under the wheels of other vehicles on the road.

Even though the main purpose of a helmet is to keep you protected, it can be a fashion item by matching it with the design of the motorcycle and your outfit or even customizing it. The market has a lot to offer, so you can pick something that completely satisfies your needs. You can opt for an integral helmet that covers the head entirely, including the chin.

There are also modular helmets that are very similar to the integral ones, except for the fact that they have a reclining chin section, offering increased comfort for the rider. The cross helmet is usually chosen for long rides, touring, as well as off-road riding.

The open face helmet is often the choice of chopper riders, but it is also the most budget-friendly type. Even though it is convenient and lightweight, it is not the safest option.


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Besides full-body protective equipment, there are other types of biker clothing as well. Thick leather jackets, for example, that are made of sturdy leather are very helpful in keeping the rider safe from abrasions and scratches when falling.

Motorcycle jeans are often worn by chopper riders. Fortunately, no matter what type of biker you are, there are numerous options to choose from. However, you should consider safety before looking fashionable according to

When looking for motorcycle outfits, you should make sure that what you select can protect your most vulnerable parts such as the knees, elbows, back, clavicle, or shoulders. You should also avoid clothing that is too tight, as you will not feel comfortable due to the limited movement possibilities.

You should also consider the type of motorcycle you have. Certain outfits simply do not match each type of bikes. Moreover, it would be good for the colors to match in some way, otherwise, you will certainly look anything but stylish.

Other pieces of equipment

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When looking for motorcycle outfits, there are a few basic things you should consider and purchase. If you get an open face helmet, goggles will protect you from dust, wind, stones, or insects. Motorcycle pants and a jacket are a must. However, you can also select a full-body suit instead of the two pieces of equipment mentioned earlier.

Gloves and boots are also necessary because your hands, fingers, and feet also require protection while riding. In case your outfit does not have the necessary level of protection, or if you prefer lighter clothing, you should get a chest shell and an elbow and shoulder armor.

Thanks to today’s market, there is plenty for you to choose from. Any type of protective gear, accessories, colors, styles, and design you might think of, they’re there, waiting for you to pick your favorite combo. Just remember that it is not just the looks that is important – the first thing you should keep in mind is safety.