A bright day starts with the heavenly food you in-take right in the morning. For those who love a cup of coffee surely want it great in taste and strong in order to remove an ill-tempered scenario. A dose of this hot drink once or twice a day calms the mind. However, a pure coffee addict would spend on getting one for him. Are you confused about which one to buy? It is definitely Keurig. But then Keurig has a lot of models and types of these machines. So to take you out of this confusion, here are the brief features of Keurig’s best coffee makers. But then Keurig has a lot of models and types of these machines, such as this list from Cuppabean.

5KEURIG K-Elite K-cup Coffee Maker

Do you need your coffee very early in the morning? Buy this one as it brews really quietly. Overall this K-Elite has proven to be the best seller as the drink made by this maker is like oil that fuels the world of the mind. This hot drink is ready in a number of seconds. Therefore, it is a very speedy and quick maker, however, expensive. The brewing size varies from four to twelve ounces. It contains a 75 ounces huge reservoir that doesn’t need to be filled very often and is sizable. By the way, the special brew of this coffee maker is bold. You know what? It notifies when the amount of calcium initiates to affect machine performance. Therefore, it is astonishingly easy to clean the type of machine. The average rating of this product is around 4.80 out of 5.

4Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Looking for a reasonable yet efficient coffee maker? Here is what you can budget for your desired coffee cup. It is very convenient to use and fast working plus it automatically shuts off once done. The drink is prepared in less than a minute, whereas, the water reservoir is comparatively small for such a well-organized machine.  The reservoir will need a refill after every four or five cups of this hot drink (depending on the size of the cup). The average rating of this product is around 4.60 out of 5.

3Keurig Coffee Maker (Office pro K155)

Are you buying the machine for the office? This Keurig machine is merely customized for office purposes. It is kind of pricey to buy for a home. It has a sophisticated LCD touch screen for saving user’s time. The interface of this LCD allows you to set the machine as per the requirements. It has different sizes for brewing while the reservoir is extremely gigantic i.e. 90 ounces big. It indicates that about 18 cups of coffee can be made when fully filled. Another appealing function is its temperature control to provide a cup full of desires. The average rating of this product is around 4.45 out of 5.

2Keurig K-Cup Coffee Brewer  (K-575)

img source: amazon.com

Everyone wants quantity with quality. This product of Keurig is a combo of both, a valued cup of coffee with supreme taste. Why would you buy it? The reason is, it can make up to twelve cups at a time, which is amazing when you normally have a lot of visitors at your place. It is factually not overpriced as the functions available. The adjustable temperature has five brewing options. Since it is carafe –sized it may make a mess on times. The average rating of this product is around 4.30 out of 5.

1Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker Model

Are you a coffee addict? If yes then blindly go for this amazing product introduced by Keurig. It occupies minimum space as the size is even less than 5 inches wide so it is perfect for a tiny kitchen or traveling purposes. The brew size can vary from six to twelve ounces. Cleaning is extraordinarily simple; a removable drip tray is effortless to clean. The drip tray can have room for a 7” tall cup. It’s not over yet. It also shuts off automatically within 90 seconds from the last brew; saves energy consumption too. This is undoubtedly a handy machine; however, it is an extremely noisy one, as well as the drink, which is not extremely strong and hot. The average rating of this product is around 4.20 out of 5. Moreover, another abundantly featured creation is the Keurig K-Mini K15 Pod Coffee Maker, which has been consumers’ top choice.  To check the features in detail visit “coffeedorks”.  It has better features and technology by being compact.

Reviews are over but now it’s your turn to choose your best from these best brewers. Keurig won’t disappoint your thirst for an ultimate cup of perfectly brewed coffee. Some of these might be overpriced but just serves the best coffee cups. Your decision will surely make you and other users happy by any of Keurig’s products, you buy.  Expectations are; this was really helpful in your selection.