Custom patches have always been popular amongst the youth, and denim jackets are the most popular type of clothes that go along perfectly. But have you ever thought as to why custom patches go with denim jackets so much?

To awaken your inner fashionista, we’re going to give you 7 reasons why denim jackets and custom patches are so awesome.


The brilliant thing about custom patches is the fact that they can be re-used for most of your clothes, and that includes denim jackets. The thing is that patches are sewn onto the jacket itself, so that means that you can re-use them whenever you outgrow your jacket.

2If Offers Uniqueness


The fact that you can customize and make your own patches is why uniqueness is a popular trait with them. The world of fashion can often time feel monotone, so a brilliant way to accessorize your jackets is through the use of custom patches designed by yourself.

They Are Very Affordable

While cheapness hasn’t always been associated with good fashion, custom patches for your jackets are quite affordable and make an excellent accessory to your clothing. If the jacket costs $50, custom patches cost nothing in comparison! But they go along so brilliantly that they increase the value of the jacket by a whole lot.

3Custom Patches Give Jackets New Life


You might have an old denim jacket that looks worn out of maybe its style has been played out. In this case, you can eighter choose to throw it away, donate it, or perhaps even sell it. But by swing your custom patches to your old jacket, you have yet another option available to you. By creatively designing patches, you can breathe new life into your old denim jacket, and subsequently, make it as you’re wearing something new.

4Easy To Use Together

If the primary reason for not using custom patches is the sewing part, fear not as custom patches makers, such as, always keep the customers in mind when creating patches.

When designing the patches, you can have the custom patch maker place an adhesive on the back of the patches that can be activated with heat. We leverage the adhesive by simply placing the patch onto the denim jacket, and ironing over it. This makes it very easy to use as denim jackets are quite resilient to heat or adhesives.

5It Makes Your Jackets Timeless


Custom patches have been around for decades, and they even were at the peak at their fashion powers at one point. Jackets, on the other hand, have always been popular. And while fashion changes with each year, one thing that sticks around forever is fashion combination of jackets with custom patches.

6They Create Memories

Due to them being timeless fashion pieces, custom patches and denim jackets are brilliant ways to preserve memories. As custom patches can be used to celebrate being part of something, a great way to preserve that memory is to have them sewn or applied onto your old denim jacket. This helps you create everlasting memories of days long past, as well, help preserve them.