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Many of us are aware of the fact that numerous things that we do nowadays have been absolutely unacceptable once upon a time. Old times and earlier periods had their own etiquettes, ways of thinking and acting, and it was really, really hard to get out of that enchanted circle.

These things and themes were characterized as taboo topics – they were avoided and not many persons were happy to discuss them. Much time has passed until they finally became free to express their own opinions, fears, and ideas about certain, so-called controversial things.

Even nowadays people often avoid discussing such things for a variety of reasons as it often seems much easier for society to ignore than to talk about it. Most of them are scared of being judged or they simply don’t care to hear what others have to tell them regarding that.

Luckily, the times have changed and we can proudly say that today we’re free to comment and talk about many of those topics. Discussions of this kind are sometimes more than necessary, and not only in order to come up with solutions to problems. It’s also beneficial for advancing a culture of dealing with fundamental themes in society.

This is why we’ll be showing you the ultimate list of things that once were inconceivable, but that are absolutely normal and freely discussed almost everywhere now. Well, at least they aren’t a total taboo anymore, and that’s a step forward as well, right?

1. Girls that approach guys first

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This is the one that still lingers in the air. If we get things straight – no, not every girl is ready for this step. Some of them are truly brave and they don’t mind showing their real intentions even if they don’t get the desired answer. Before, this was completely unthinkable, as the guys were always the ‘stronger’ and ‘braver’ gender who were supposed to make first moves.

Fortunately, this has changed and now we can see many ladies who aren’t afraid to approach a guy, buy him a drink, ask out or even propose to their guys. This definitely isn’t what our grandmas would do, but hey, is this the modern world? Hell, yeah.

2. Tattoos

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Tattoos have been taboo for a long time and it was well-known who was actually getting them. All those stories and sayings that stated that only bad or immoral girls and guys have tattoos done were rather popular before. The same was believed for sailors, pirates and guys and girls in jail. If any other person came up with the idea of tattooing something on their body, it was observed as complete nonsense.

However, the opinions are there to change sometimes –  and nowadays tattoos have been accepted as self-expression and one’s creativity. The reason is very clear: given the number of people being tattooed, it is futile to condemn them.

Also, as far as the health aspect is concerned, everything has changed to better as well, as all the disposable equipment is set by the tattoo artists who take care of the health factor more than ever.

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3. Sex dolls

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It’s true – a great number of people find the possession of this product rather funny, and sometimes even ridiculous. We could say that the taboo vibe is somewhat still present in many parts of the world, probably because the sex itself was always one of the controversial topics. Just imagine the face of an older person if you told them you’ve just bought a brand-new sex doll to have fun with it – they’d still look at you in disbelief.

But it’s clear that not everyone thinks like that now, as this industry has pretty much flourished and progressed lately, which can only witness the improved freedom regarding this.

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4. Being gay or lesbian

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The LGBT population is one of the most vulnerable social categories. The degree of acceptance toward this subcategory was absolutely below zero once upon a time. Certain men and women were sometimes known to be attracted to the same sex, but this was rarely or never talked about publicly. People caught engaging in these types of relationships were often condemned and even punished, which speaks a lot about the negligible level of tolerance at those times.

At some point, with the emergence of brave people who decided to fight for equality and the rights of LGBT people, this taboo was sharply reduced.

Even today, there’s some kind of social oppression and discomfort in some situations while commenting on this phenomenon, but what’s encouraging is that it happens less frequently. Same-sex couples have been approved for marriages around the world, as well as for adoption – and this is something that couldn’t even have been dreamed of a few decades ago.

5. Stay-at-home husbands and dads

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When we look back and return to previous circumstances, we’ll notice that women were mostly the ones who were giving up their jobs and occupying themselves with their children’s education. In earlier periods in history, they didn’t even have the possibility to work – they were just staying home and doing typical housewife stuff. Their husbands were the ones who were breadwinners and on whose salaries the family was relying on.

Luckily, after all the struggle women have experienced during all these years, and thanks to the modern way of thinking, this doesn’t need to be the case – at all. In case mothers are the ones who are available to bring some cash and work, they rely on their husbands or boyfriends who become stay-at-home dads.

They don’t mind looking after children, cleaning and maintaining a good state of the household, helping their wives to achieve their professional success and earn some money. It’s not weird anymore, quite the contrary: these men deserve all the respect and praises they get every day.

6. Interfaith relationships/marriages

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And finally, there it goes – religion and its matters. The number of people who want to talk about this isn’t that huge – mostly because this topic was considered quite an explosive thing to discuss. Differences of opinion on issues of faith can often be the cause of serious debate and conflict and it still happens, but people are definitely becoming more aware of equality.

This is, among other things, the reason why people often have problems while trying to accept interfaith relationships and marriages. For some of them, it’s still unacceptable, but fortunately, for many, it’s a lovely fusion of different cultures and an amazing mixture of two different worlds. Today such couples are often considered rather exotic and compelling, especially if the races are different, as well.

Talking about issues about religion, however, can give people new insights into other cultures and customs. This is what today’s people understand and respect things like this to a much greater extent than before. It can also help us remove the often-inextricable link between one’s race, nation, and many stereotypes we have about one another.