Wedding photos are for a lifetime. There are so many anecdotes about failed wedding photography, because for so many reasons, including miscommunication, unprofessional photographers, or some accident during the reception that ruined the whole experience. Even though it seems like everyone can do that, there is the reason why some people are professional in this field, and you shouldn’t underestimate them by comparing them to someone who is using their phone camera to take shots.

Choosing a good and professional photographer for a wedding is just as important as its place or date, and we really tried to explain why. If you are looking for a perfect specialist in this market, it is recommended to pay attention to Vanilla Brides company, which provides photography services for weddings. You can find out more by following the link –

Here, the main thing is to find “your” person, whose idea of photographing will meet your expectations. To avoid unnecessary disappointment, approach this issue as responsibly as possible. Each specialist in this field has his own pattern and style, by which the broad public recognizes him. That’s what you need to pay attention to when deciding on one of them.

Many couples meet with the photographer to talk about the details months before the wedding. This seems like losing time, but it’s one of the most important steps you can take to make sure everything will go just fine.

To make it a bit easier for you to make a choice, we suggest the top 5 styles for wedding photography:

1. Coverage


Such a shooting shows the wedding day exactly as it is, with all its crazy and touching reality. The photographer allows the couple in love to behave as naturally as possible and, if possible, ignore his presence at the celebration. This style for wedding photography is suitable for those couples who don’t like or aren’t very good at posing, as well as don’t want to be distracted from what is happening at the wedding. It’s a really popular approach among the couples, who want to have their perfect shots ready for the reception. It wasn’t that popular in the past, but now it seems like a huge thing, that makes everything easier. The photographer can be focused on their task, and no one will mess with the couple as they pose during the shot.

2. Fine Art

The style is especially popular in America, as it makes it possible to capture a small piece of beauty in each picture. Each of the photos taken can become a real masterpiece and will appear at some exhibition or in an art gallery. By using this shooting method, a photographer is trying to show not a full picture but to assemble it from details. Most often, such photos are filled with a lot of light and air, looking like shots from a romantic movie. Besides, some professionals use equipment with traditional film, which adds a unique atmosphere to everything that is happening.

If you are a fan of this style, you need to share that with the photographer. Not everyone is eligible for this style because it requires more equipment, which can be pretty expensive. So, if you really want that, you must tell the photographer immediately, so they can be honest with you.

3. Fashion


This wedding photography style is suitable for those who are fond of aesthetic beauty. If you enjoy looking through popular fashion magazines, pleased by what you see, then you definitely need to look for a photographer working in this direction. Indeed, such photos are a kind of art. When working in this style, the specialist thinks and treats the event unconventionally, plays with compositions, colors, light, and creates something unique and exciting. When choosing this method of shooting, you should keep in mind that it requires a thorough study of all the details and thinking over the general concept of the event: the use of bright, romantic, sexy, and non-standard elements.

The beauty in these photos is that they will always be modern, no matter how many years have passed. And probably your children will be very proud of you in the future. We highly recommend using this style if you prefer it because it’s never boring for the couple and the team who works on the photography.

4. Only emotions

Perhaps, this is one of the most popular styles among newlyweds. Over a few years, it has been taking the lead, not yielding to new trends. This is explained by its features since the resulting pictures demonstrate the absolute happiness and madness of the wedding day. In such photos, couples can laugh, jump, run, dance, and express their emotions as they want. When looking through such pictures after a while, you will feel warmth and joy. This style is suitable for lovers who plan to have a cool “break-away” and have fun with friends and relatives on their day.

Probably you’ve seen this trend pretty often in recent years. And yes, there is no better pose than the naturally captured emotion, even though it means there will be tears, hugs, and a lot of emotions. In our opinion, it’s still better than a forced smile to every shot.

5. Classic


Photographers who prefer to work in the traditional style pay special attention to solemn moments. For example, the first kiss of the newlyweds, exchanging the rings, signing, group photos with friends and family. Professionals in this wedding photos style focus on the main moments of a new family being born, which are the key during the wedding ceremony. If you like such shots, then you should decide on a traditionalist photographer who will be able to fully meet your expectations.

Some people prefer tradition, and the classic style is just for them. And we can’t blame them, because the traditional wedding photos are so cliché, but still so beautiful and emotional.


When choosing a photographer who will share the most important day in your life, pay attention to the style he prefers to work in. It is important that the result not only meets your expectations but significantly exceeds them. As we said, you need to tell them your wishes and plans, so they can tell you if they are able to accomplish them. We understand that the couple is the most important, but you shouldn’t try to make them cover a style they don’t prefer or don’t know how to do it.

It doesn’t matter what style of photos you want to keep in a family photo album, the main thing is that you will get extreme pleasure when watching them even a couple of decades later.