Making a New Year’s resolution is a very popular activity. Even if most of us seem to abandon our New Year’s resolutions barely a few weeks into the year, setting growth-oriented goals is still a good idea.

Many people opt for so many New Year’s resolutions at once that they end up following through on nothing. Some people make the decision to improve their health by changing their diet, quitting a bad habit, or increasing their physical activity. Some people resolve to be kinder, more charitable, and more considerate in order to become a better person.

While these resolutions are admirable, nothing beats the desire for a deeper, more personal connection with God.

Why Do You Need To Stay Closer To God?


In our health and fitness endeavors, God may direct and guide us. He can teach us how to manage our money and our relationships. But if He isn’t involved, nothing we achieve will last.

Bad habits and patterns are typically formed over a long period of time. And no matter how many New Year’s resolutions we make year after year, we often find ourselves dealing with the same old difficulties.

We look for answers all over the place, forgetting that the ultimate solution is the Creator of all good, the life-giving power source. We are fueled and ready to take on the challenges of the day, week, and year when we connect into the power Source. However, without the Source, we are weak and exhausted, making it impossible to resist the flesh and the enemy’s temptations.

As a result, this year, we challenge you to make a new New Year’s resolution. A resolution that isn’t just about God, but is God itself. Do you wish to become closer to God this year and strengthen your devotion to Him? If you do, you should make the following resolutions.

1. Make a Daily Bible Reading Commitment


Starting each day with a Bible reading is one of the best and simplest Christian New Year’s commitments. Consider getting devotional and reading it through. While it’s easy to fall off the wagon when it comes to sticking to a strong New Year’s resolution, making the simple commitment to read for five to ten minutes each morning will help you connect with God on a deeper level.

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2. Consider Meditation On Bible

Make it a priority to think about Scripture in addition to reading it. Unlike news headlines or social media posts, which we tend to put aside and forget, the Bible is a book to ponder and remember for the rest of our lives. Think of certain verses and chapters. Consider what they say about God and ourselves, as well as the consequences of their teachings for living a fulfilled life. Keeping a notebook for this purpose—to record ideas, comments, questions, or prayers regarding your daily reading—might be beneficial.

Listening to Scripture while you work, drive, clean, exercise, or get ready for bed is another way to help you meditate on it. Hearing Scripture often leads to insights that you wouldn’t have had while reading it, and if you read and listen to the same text at the same time, it will stick with you even longer.

3. Attend Church on a More Regular Basis


Life is hectic, and juggling our priorities may be difficult. It can be challenging to fit in going to church every Sunday. Maybe our existing church isn’t able to suit our needs or accommodate our schedule. Maybe Sunday morning comes up a little too quickly. Perhaps we should seek out a church that better fits our needs. Going to church, on the other hand, helps us in modest ways.

Attending church is beneficial to our spiritual existence. The church is about more than just the message. With other Christians, there is a sense of community. It’s a great time to reflect on the next week and how we may incorporate God into our daily life.

It will strengthen our faith if we pay great attention to the prayers being said and reflect on the words that are stated. Songs, like prayers, elevate our spirits, but they also contain vital statements.

When we are in church, God will speak to us, whether through a sermon or a song.

4. Make Prayer a Regular Part of Our Day-to-Day Routine

The greatest time for some of us to spend a few minutes praying is in the morning. Others may experience it at night. A short dialogue with God via Jesus, regardless of the time or location, becomes a haven when it becomes part of our daily practice.

We begin to perceive the connection between our prayer life and God’s replies through our very personal discussion, which is a vital element of our faith lives. God will respond; all we have to do now is watch and wait once we’ve prayed. We will see God’s response in the observation.

There are three different kinds of prayers. The first is when we make a request to God. The second is when we beg for someone else’s assistance. The third and last prayer is a thanksgiving prayer. We might be able to use all three sorts of prayers in each one. Consistency and being in a peaceful spot are the only requirements for daily prayer.

5. Become A Member Of A Charitable Organization


There is an organization that assists persons in need in every community. At first, it can only be a matter of donating your time. Later on, it may be possible to serve on a committee. However, there are methods to aid others in every community. A hospice program or a tutoring program is available in almost every community. Every community, without a doubt, has a food bank or a clothes center.

By spending time assisting others, we are fulfilling Jesus’ second commandment, which is to love our neighbor. Surprisingly, we benefit from helping others.


These five tasks can be completed all at once or one at a time. But they all challenge us to be closer to God in some way. They influence how we treat others and enhance our faith in some way. Some are difficult to begin, but after a few weeks, we have established a new pattern.

Why not make a few resolutions this New Year to deepen our faith in life in addition to our usual resolutions? Jesus is knocking on our door, waiting for us to answer.