Since this type of investment is still new on the market, a large number of people still do not know how to trade binary options. Many of them are confused by this concept of trade and are convinced that it is a kind of fraud. Binary options are contracts under which the contractors undertake to pay each other a certain amount depending on how the price of the underlying property moves in a certain period of time. They are often referred to as “yes or no investing.” In such trading, the trader’s task is to predict whether the value of a trade asset will rise or fall after the chosen time frame. For example, if you think that the value of an asset will increase in the next few hours, predict “yes” and buy a binary option. If the answer is “no”, you continue the search and wait for the right moment to invest. The outcome can be twofold. If you hit, you get your money back and you get a bonus, and if you make a mistake in the forecast, you lose the amount invested. Bonuses vary depending on which brokerage platform you choose to trade binary options.

Binary options are financial derivatives that can be based on different types of assets – commodities (such as oil), stock indices, currency pairs, as well as shares of large companies. Yet, many traders often ask themselves what it is that prevents them from making money and how to increase their chances of doing so. These are some of the most common mistakes they make.

1. Choosing the wrong platform


To be successful in trading, choosing a platform is key. There are various scams on the internet, especially in those fields where investing money is involved. When choosing a platform, give yourself enough time for it, don’t heal for the first one you find. Our advice is to start by reading reviews, ie the experience of other traders. It is also important to pay attention to the name of the platform and its logo because road fraud is the name of the platform that differs from the real one in just one letter, it is often enough to redirect you to the wrong site, and to run out of money.

2. Brokers are important


What is just as important as the choice of platform is the choice of a regulated broker, ie one that is licensed by the regulatory body of a particular country or market. One that allows you to open an account and start trading speculatively listed products and establishes a business relationship with you actually provides you with a brokerage service and is subject to certain rules of business conduct. According to, the broker must work in the best interest of the client. This does not mean that he is obliged to provide you with the best earnings, but is obliged, among other things, to warn you of the risks of investing in financial instruments. If you come to a broker (or contact him in some other way) and inquire about these services, it is his obligation as a professional to assess whether the trading team instruments are appropriate to you and whether you understand the risks arising from such trading.

3. You are constantly losing money


Of course, in this business, you cannot guarantee that you will earn, but if you are constantly losing, it’s time to think about changes or to change investment tactics. This often happens in random trading, that is, when a trader makes decisions related to binary options at random, without a rational and empirical basis. If you are a beginner in the world of binary options trading, before you start making trades, you should become familiar with binary strategies such as “candlestick” strategies and trend tracking strategies.

4. Selection of wrong actions


We are back to random trading again. If you are a beginner, it is best to focus on popular actions, ie those about which you will be able to find a lot of information on the Internet and those in which you most often invest. There is a lot of talk about these actions and a lot of going into them, so it is easy to find a lot of information on the basis of which you can make the decision to trade. If the market is unpredictable, it means that you have fewer chances to achieve successful trades. The only way to trade binary options without risk is to constantly monitor market developments.

What we would all like to know is how to trade successfully. The key lies in patience and constant informing about the situation on the market. Today, many applications make this job much easier by monitoring the market situation and recognizing even the smallest changes thanks to artificial intelligence. These apps are especially useful for those who want to have free time for themselves.

Another key thing to successful trading is investing properly. The advice of those experienced in this field is to always get into a few different actions, so as not to lose everything you have if the value of some falls. It is also important that you start with a small investment, that is, that you invest the amount without which you will be able to continue living if you lose it.

Final thoughts


In many countries, binary options trading is considered a gray area. The reasons are various. From the government of individual countries not sure how to define them to slow political processes. What is important to know is that binary options trading is safe and not illegal in most countries.

So, it is up to you to control the trades and optimize the strategy that you consider the best for this type of investment. The truth is that very hard work awaits you, but it is definitely worthwhile if you dedicate yourself to it. The most important thing is to be careful and analyze in detail all the risks of potential financial investments in such and similar products that are considered high risk and that can lead to significant losses.