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Your brain can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Everyone overthink, some people less, others more. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but to keep yourself sane, you can fight it, and we happen to know all the best ways to distract yourself from overthinking. Which eventually can become your habit, and you will be able to finally cut off all the negativity that overthinking brings you daily.

The first step is awareness. Full awareness that you want changes, and you are ready to take necessary steps to narrow it down, take under control, and eventually move forward.

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The best way to start your journey is to try to meditate. This is one of the best distractions ever. No wonder people who meditate are calmer and more focused. Start with 3 minutes of meditation where you are trying to focus on your breathing. It is fine to start small and move towards increasing the time of your meditation.

There are no rules for that, and you should do as you feel like. Some people are more comfortable being in a sitting lotus position for a meditation session, and some can be more relaxed while lying on the mat. Meditation does not require you to follow the rules but focused on you getting in peace with your mind and body. If you feel like it is hard for you to start on your own, the market has plenty of awesome applications to offer for that.

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Take some time and clean your social media. Unfollow and unfriend all people that bring you any annoying feeling when you see them on your feed or those who simply post useless stuff for you. Instead, follow people who inspire you mentally, and their content is regular and focused on motivation and self-love. Try to meet new people. This article will tell you how to make it easy and effortless.

Take some “me” time. Turn off your phone. Cook something delicious just for yourself. Go for a walk to the park and read your favorite book or completely new. Make sure that the book is not depressing but about something positive and light. It is okay to take a break from everything around and stop for a little bit in the world that never stops.

Distract yourself with happiness. As we mentioned before, try to surround yourself with good happy people, inspirational movies, and exercising. Jogging can be rewarding for your mental health. After you finish jogging, your body will produce the hormone of happiness that will send signals to your brain. Healthy and happy.

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Stop trying to be perfect. Perfect can be boring and will put extra stress on you. Try to accept a thing as they are, and if you don’t like it — you are fully capable of changing it.

Start with small steps. If you want to be more productive, set the alarm one hour earlier. Wake up, do some meditation, and maybe a beauty routine, anything that makes you happy. Since you’ve started your day early and with the thing that you like the most, that would set your mind into positive thinking. In the same way, avoid the time when you start to overthink. Every time that happens — go back to the thought of accomplishments of the morning.

You can’t predict the future, unfortunately, and that is defiantly not the reason to overthink it. So instead of stressing possible scenarios, refocus your mind and thinking into something that is happening now. Find positivity even in situations that seem horrible. Once you learn how to do that — your mind will work like a muscle and refocus your thinking from negative to positive automatically.

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Be always grateful. Stop and think about how happy and lucky you are. Think about it every morning right after you wake up and every night before going to sleep. Be thankful that you were able to wake up in the morning. You are working on yourself and how great you feel about your accomplishments, even the little once. Look up to the sky, observe people around, and even how happy is that dog with the owner. Little things, little steps, and you will feel better with every day.

All from the above are only a few steps that will help you to start your journey to overcoming negative thinking and would help you to take things lightly.