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We often get surprised when we hear high ranked players using smurf accounts. Many players with a  low rank can not imagine why a top player would use an unranked smurf.

For those who are new to this, smurfs are low ranked accounts you can buy to start fresh or to take a break from your main account.

The majority of accounts in League of Legends play unranked matches.  Owning a Smurf account has become a popular choice among players who want to enjoy playing unranked matches. Even famous players use smurfs!

Even if you absolutely cherish your main account, having a smurf can still be useful and fun. Here are the top eight reasons why you should smurf in League of Legends.

1. Escape the Demands of Your Main Account

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Gaming is competitive and stressful. We continually work on getting better to get to the top.

When the competition runs high, the game becomes extremely demanding. Not only do you have a fear of losing rank, but you also have to keep up with the expectations of your teammates.

The higher we get in the ranking, the more demanding the game becomes. In trying to keep up with the burdens of our main accounts, we often forget why we started gaming in the first place.

When gaming feels like work, gamers start to feel burnout. Using a smurf you can play fun games without feeling the pressure of your main account. Buy lol smurf accounts on Aussyelo for a quality and safe purchase.

2. Play A Different Lane

When we start playing LoL, we pick the one lane that we feel comfortable in. The more we play on that one lane, the better we get at it. Hence, we lose confidence to play in other lanes.

This is not surprising as switching from your usual lane that you are comfortable with to a new one could be disastrous for your ranking. Even a seasoned player finds it difficult to play a different lane.

Having a smurf account gives you a stress-free opportunity to play another lane. Even if you want to make another lane your regular in the main game, try it out on a lower level account to practice. This way you can try or learn to play a different lane without getting demoted from your ranking.

3. Gain More Experience

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We usually play using our most tried and trusted strategies to minimize the chance of a loss. This rules out the opportunity to explore and grow.

To become better at your field it is necessary to try new ways. But how can we do that without jeopardizing our game?

Using a smurf gives us the opportunity to experiment. As we try out new tactics, we learn more about the game and become better at playing it.

Another important factor is practice. As we get to higher levels, the games we can play become fewer. It’s because of the high queue time. Some people even have to wait for a few hours to get to the game! Make more use of your Smurf account to practice playing new games.

4. Explore Uncharted Territory

Did you know that people on different servers of League of Legends tend to have a different take on gaming? For example, in Japan and Korea, gamers play fast, aggressive games.

If you have remained on one server for most of your gaming period, you wouldn’t know what else is out there.

Explore different servers and learn new tactics by playing with players from around the world. Learn a clever strategy from Asians, Europeans, etc.

However, there is the question of language barriers. In NA, EUW, OCE, SEA people more or less speak in English. But other servers have different dominant languages like Spanish, Portuguese, etc. Who knew that the Spanish language classes you took could finally pay off?

5. Play With Your Lower-Ranked Friends

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Riot is strict about their gaming. It is almost impossible to play with people who are two or three levels higher or lower than you.

If you are an LoL expert and your friend is a noob, you won’t be able to play together. If you want to enjoy playing with your friends who are just starting off you can do so by using your smurf account.

6. Hide Who You Are

Are you an LoL celebrity? Do people in your community know you by your account name? Do they bombard you with messages or requests? If you are having trouble dealing with “fans”, you can use a smurf account to play without anyone recognizing you.

A lot of famous people do that to play in secret. You can enjoy a new identity and play without any nuisance breathing down your neck.

There is often a lot of targeted bullying in the game. Having a secret account can help you keep your identity hidden.

Some problematic players may invite you to a game and it could be impossible to ignore them without causing trouble. Avoid conflict and play safe with a smurf account.

7. Escape ELO Hell

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Stuck in ELO hell? We have all been there. You can easily run out of patience trying to level up, but it feels like it SIMPLY WILL NOT HAPPEN. If your teammates keep dragging you down and you can’t seem to escape, think of starting fresh.

With a new account, you won’t make the same mistakes you made when you were inexperienced. With a smurf account, you can fly through the ranks to get to the top.

Also, sometimes taking a break from your main account can help you return refreshed and with three times the aggression.

8. Try New Champions or Skins

We often tend to stick to the champion we worked with the most. Understandably so since that champion has probably reached a higher level with the experience and work that you have.

Ever see a champion and wonder what it might be like to play with them? Of course, doing that in your main game can put you at risk of demotion. With another account, you can try that out and learn the best way of playing with them.

You can also gain access to new chroma skins on your champions as most accounts come with thousands of Blue Essence.


Owning a smurf account has so many plus points. You can return to the fun aspect of gaming, Explore more options, and become a supreme gamer! What are you waiting for, go get a smurf now!