Smartwatches, due to their visual properties and the possibility of using advanced functionality, are gradually replacing obsolete electronic devices and quartz movements from the market. Many parents appreciate these gadgets, due to the ability to track the location of the child or their correspondence with other people. Thus, it is easier to protect the child when parents do not look after him. Below are the details of the new gadgets and the features they provide.

1Design and appearance

When purchasing a watch for a child, first of all, pay attention to the external characteristics:

– Design

– Colour

– Easy to wear

For children of different ages, you can choose individual accessories that take into account the characteristics of each child. Children of preschool and primary school age (3-6 years old) prefer to see bright and colorful watches on their hands, and children of senior school age (7-12 years old) prefer a neutral color. An ideal purchase option is considered to be shopping with your child. Then he will be able to independently see, try on and choose a more convenient and liked model.

In some watch models, it is possible to change the strap depending on the user’s mood as stated by WatchShopping. It is known that children grow quickly and it will be nice if the device lasts for more than one year. For this, the manufacturers made an adjustable strap length in accordance with the girth of the wrist.

A rounded rectangular shape is common for smartwatches. The criteria for choosing the material for the manufacture of the strap are hypoallergenic, because of which they do not cause irritation, pleasant tactile sensations, as well as durability with long-term wear. Silicone, rubber or soft plastic meet these criteria.

2Functionality suitable for parents

Next, we consider in more detail the most useful (especially for parents) and functional options:


– Allowed stay area

– SOS button

– Hand-off sensor

Gps – the sensor is needed to determine the location of the child by geographical coordinates. For example, using this useful feature, you can easily determine where the lost child is. To do this, the parent, worried by the long absence of his child, simply opens the downloaded application, and it shows where the child is currently located.

And for more precise control over where you can and where your child should not be, the function “allowed stay zone” is set in the smartwatch. In case of violation of the established boundaries, father or mother will immediately receive a notification on their smartphone, as a result of which they can take the necessary measures in time and return the fidget home.

The SOS button according to its name is needed for emergency cases. For convenience and ease of use, in some models of watches, it is highlighted in red. In the event of a dangerous situation, the child activates the button by pressing and immediately receives a call to one of the pre-programmed numbers.

Why is it worth choosing a smartwatch for a child, and not a regular phone?

We will figure out what are the advantages of Smart baby watch and for what age category of consumers, these gadgets were created.

The age audience includes mainly children, and children of even the very youngest age can use them. Of the positive differences, the following can be distinguished:

-Suitable for carrying on a small children’s handle, which eliminates the possibility of losing them
-Easy to use, lack of many obscure buttons
-Track your child’s movement and location using the built-in GPS sensor
-This is a multifunctional customizable parental control, which is not found in any of the proposed modern phones

3Consider the VTech KidiZoom DX.


There is no call answering option in this model, but there are entertainment content and a training program.

The gadget combines 8 game programs, a little more than 50 3D dial designs and many other entertaining entertainments. Each child will find something different for himself: a 4-year-old peanut will be able to learn the basics of arithmetic, 7-9-year-old kids will master the alarm settings, timestamp using the built-in stopwatch or timer during wellness procedures.

Young users of VTech KidiZoom DX watches will certainly appreciate the ability not only to create photos using the built-in camera but also the ability to edit them using all kinds of special effects, applying various filters and substituting fancy frames. This model also has a voice recording.

This watch will also be of interest to lovers of water procedures. Thanks to protection from water, they will not need to be constantly removed, wanting to swim in a pond, or to worry about their performance, accidentally falling into the rain.


– Ability to select a dial design

– Built-in camera

– Voice Recording

– Touchscreen

– 8 game tutorials

– Additional options – stopwatch, calculator, alarm clock

– Of great interest is the waterproof case

If you are interested in a larger selection of best smartwatch for kids you will find in this article more information. So I highly recommend that you read more.


Well, you have found everything you need for your child and after the purchase, you will forget what it is to worry about him.