Are you a pet lover who enjoys indulging your dog or cat? If you are, we don’t blame you! In today’s very tech-minded world, you can find a number of smart pet gadgets that will make life easier (and more enjoyable) in your home. Check out these amazing smart gadgets that will make your home better for your pets and for you.

1. GPS Dog Fences: Wireless & Invisible Pet Containment


If you are considering an invisible fence for your dog, you’re making the right choice. An invisible fence is a device that uses GPS to keep your dog safely in his or her yard. Pet owners often choose a wireless or invisible fence when they don’t want to keep their dogs on a chain outside. Most brands use a wire that is buried a couple of inches underground that connects to the included transmitter. Pet owners mount the transmitter, which sends a radio signal through the wire, in their home. The pet will wear a receiver collar that will detect the signal if they get too close to the wire. A beeping noise from the collar will alert the pet that they are near the fence, which is usually marked by small flags in the ground. If they go over the invisible fence, they will get a quick static impulse from the collar.

You can also purchase wireless GPS fences that no longer need the buried wire and radio signal. Instead, a wireless pet fence will use satellites to map out the boundaries you want for your pet. Cellular technology is typically used to map out the fence boundary. The receiver collar works in the same way as above. Check out The Pampered Pup for a list of the best GPS pet containment systems out there and know which will be perfect for your home and your pup.

2. Smart Feeder

If you have to go to work or leave the house for extended periods of time, an automatic pet feeder will make sure your dog or cat is fed on time. Pet feeders have been on the market for quite a while though, so what’s the big deal today? Well, now you can buy a smart pet feeder that does much more than just dispense dog or cat food. For example, if you have an Alexa-enabled device, such as an Amazon Echo, you can ask Alexa to give your pet some food or a snack from anywhere. Other feeders have the ability to toss out treats for your pet when you ask it to. This is a great way to engage with your dog or cat when you aren’t home! You can even get a smart feeder that comes with a video camera that allows you to watch your pet when you aren’t there.

Look for one with a battery backup when purchasing a smart feeder. That way, your pet will still get fed if the power or internet goes down. Smart feeders are also great for dogs who have separation anxiety. Simply program the device to feed your dog a few minutes after you leave your home.

3. Microchip Pet Door


If you have a pet door that leads outside, you may worry about stray animals getting in when you aren’t looking. That won’t happen if you install a microchip pet door. This door will read your dog or cat’s implanted microchip using RFID to allow them entry into your home. When your pet approaches the door from the outside, the device will read their microchip and open for them only. Most models allow you to program multiple identities into the device if you have more than one pet. You can also purchase a programmable collar tag if your pet doesn’t have a microchip. The pet door also allows you to set a curfew time if you want the door to lock and unlock at specific times of the day and night. No more worrying about stray animals getting in while everyone is asleep!

4. Smart Collar

If you are worried about where your dog runs off to when you aren’t there, a smart collar will alleviate this fear. It works with your current smartphone and will keep track of their location and their daily activities. By using real-time GPS, you’ll know exactly where your pooch is any time of the day or night. But that isn’t all! A smart collar has the ability to count how many steps your dog takes during the day along with how many minutes they get of daily exercise. It’s a great way to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise, especially if they are leaning on the heavy side. It’s a good product to own if your dog has the tendency to wander off. You’ll have peace of mind knowing where they are at all times.

5. Smart Bell


Does your dog need a little help telling you when they need to use the bathroom? A simple bell can make it a lot easier on you both! A smart bell is basically an indoor doorbell your dog can use to alert you when they need to go outside. They are easy to mount to your wall or door as there are no batteries or wires needed, and the receiver can be placed up to 1,000 feet away from the doorbell. Your dog can be easily trained to push the doorbell with his or her paw when they want to go outside. It’s a great product for busy households!

6. Pet Health Tracker

If you are worried about the amount of exercise your dog is getting, consider a pet health tracker that works like a Fitbit. The tracker attaches easily to your dog’s collar. You’ll download an app that will connect to the tracker through your Wi-Fi connection to let you track how much exercise your best friend is getting day to day. Set up personal fitness goals for your pet based on their weight, age, and breed to make sure they are staying within their goal.

7. Wi-Fi-Enabled Litter Box


Anyone with a cat knows that the litter box is the worst part of cat ownership. While litter boxes are continuously becoming more and more high-tech, you won’t believe how easy cleaning up will be with a Wi-Fi-enabled litter box in your home. The litter box connects through your Wi-Fi to an app on your smartphone to let you know how full the waste drawer gets as well as providing daily insights into the health of your cat. The device waits until the cat is finished before automatically separating any waste from the litter. All you have to do is keep an eye on the waste drawer and dump it when it gets full. Your cat will enjoy a clean litter box every time they have to go, and you won’t have to worry about it every single day like you did before!