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Gambling comes in various shapes and forms and not all forms of it are equally advantageous when it comes to winning. While card games and roulettes require a great amount of skill and practice to be able to win more than you lose, there are other games that are much easier to both plays and to master. By far the easiest of them all is slot machines, games that are also the most popular in all casinos.

Things are not always that simple in real life though, and slots have evolved in recent years to some of the hardest casino-style games to learn. It is a fact that slots are ever-changing games, but just how much have they changed remains to be explored. They have continued to adapt with the times, incorporating new technologies, and changing their core gameplay mechanics to suit players’ needs and demands are not easy.

It was not too long ago that phone slots were first introduced to the public. Today, there is a bigger variety of slots available for players to choose from than ever before and more and more people opt to play the virtual varieties on computers and phones than the real machines at local casinos. If you are interested in finding out some of the best mobile slots available on the web, make sure to check out

What is more, there is now even a feature that makes slot games play without any input from the live players. With such a wide variety of slots available, there has been an increase in slots that offer unique challenges and require skill to be able to play. First introduced in 2015, skill-based slots have been slowly introduced to both online and land-based casinos over the past few years. If you know nothing about them but are interested in learning, make sure to keep reading this article. You will learn about the best slots that require skills that is worth your time and money.

Why play Slots that require Skills?

Before we give you the shortlist, we must first determine the reason why playing these slots is a good idea. There is a variety of reasons why players would favor a slot that requires the use of skill, for example, these slots’ payouts can vary depending on the players’ actions rather than the RNG (random number generator), which can make gambling seem much more appealing to certain players as it gives them a certain degree of control over the outcome of the game. Regular slots are all about luck and randomness.

Not only does the lack of this help to differentiate these slots from regular slot games, but it also adds an extra element to the gameplay. This can come in the form of bonus features and games within games that award extra money. While skill-based slots have not taken over the slot market as some may have hoped, they still remain a popular option amongst players. Listed below are the three absolute best skill-based slot machines you should try out.

1. Wrecking Ball

This slot was developed and released by IGT back in 2017, and it has a smash bonus feature that requires a certain degree of skill. This feature requires players to be able to correctly operate a joystick that controls the titular wrecking ball. Some players may find this gameplay feature frustrating due to the controls, which is one of the reasons why the skill is important. Once you master the ball, you will be wrecking what you are supposed to in the game instead of your nerves.

2. Seinfeld

Online casino games with certain themes people love and enjoy always draw in more fans than regular iterations that only offer the basics of the game. Based on the classic sitcom from the nineties and one of the greatest TV shows ever, you may be surprised to learn that this slot actually requires a bit of skill. Players will have to have a certain degree of knowledge about the show before playing in order to be successful. The real skill is required for the Festivus bonus. This is based on an episode of the show and something that happens in it, and therefore requires the players to skillfully shake the Festivus pole in order to win cash prizes! If you are a fan of the popular series, you can score big on this amazing, innovative slot.

3. Safari March

Only the second game from the game developer Synergy Blue, this slot features traditional elements such as cascading reels. Players will have to use the skill when Safari March requires them to use a controller in order to move symbols around the reels. Similar to the first entry on the list, it is the controls that are difficult but not only that. The younger players will enjoy this skill-based element as they have grown up around Xboxes and PlayStations, but older players may find this to be slightly tedious and difficult especially if all they are used to is hitting buttons and pulling an occasional lever.

Conclusion and Takeaways

While skill-based slots have yet to truly take over the slot market, they still remain a popular option among players. They still have a long way to go before they truly take over, and it is also a question of whether or not they will take over. Remember, regular slots are so popular and in high demand because of their simplicity and the lack of knowledge and practice they require from the players.

Not only do they give players more control over the outcome of the slot but they also provide fun bonus features such as the Festivus bonus in the Seinfeld slot, but the trick is that you have to earn it with hard work and perseverance. Otherwise, you will never be good enough to walk away with more money than you came in with. If getting good is not your cup of tea, maybe traditional slots are for you. If on the other hand you prefer skill-based systems and are already good at card games and roulette, try your luck with one of these!