We’re all looking for “the one”—the perfect house that will accommodate us for the most part of our lives. You’re not wrong for being cautious or picky when it comes to choosing and buying a home.
Buying a home is a huge investment. We’re talking about an investment that will stick with you for a minimum of 30 years. Of course, you have to be picky.
We’re aware that all of us have different preferences, and there is no way we can suggest one home that will satisfy everyone.
Nevertheless, we were able to do some research and come up with the six signs you’ve found the right home.
Let’s get started.

1. The showing pictures are calling you out

Image source: unsplash.com

Most of us will first encounter “the right home” in the house listing.

This is how it will go down, the real estate agent or broker will show you a listing of all the available homes for sale.

Sure, most of the houses on the listing will look good. However, there will be one house that catches your attention. Maybe it has the features you’d want in your dream home. Perhaps it looks like the house from your favorite movie, or even your dreams.

All in all, the pictures will be so appealing that the house will immediately win you over—it’s love at first sight.

2. The location is just right

The house location is the other factor that will tell you if you’ve found the right home.

Go through the listing and take note of the houses’ locations.

Are there social amenities nearby? Is the house next to a busy road? This isn’t good for dwellers who prefer serene and peaceful environments.

Your dream home needs to be as convenient as possible. This means it has to be next to all your favorite spots. These include the burger place, school, and work. Don’t pick a house that will have you drive 2 hours to and from your place of work.

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3. It fits your budget

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Very few people see their budget as a good thing.

Sure, it would be nice to be able to afford all types of houses. However, very few have that capability.

Instead of viewing your budget in a negative light, why don’t you start seeing it as one of the signs you’ve found the right home.

A nice and cozy home is one that is well within your budget. A house that won’t suffocate you with hefty mortgage installments that will limit your way of life.

Most people are quick to put their financial freedom at risk when it comes to buying a home. Sure, owning a home is great, but you need not put yourself in a corner. Be wise with how you spend your money on the house.

How much should you spend on your house?

Financial experts state that your mortgage installments should not consume more than 28% of your pretax income. In general, all your debts should not take more than a third of your pretax income (that’s around 33%).

4. Your intuition is okay with the home

Image souce: unsplash.com

Your gut and intuition play a significant role when it comes to finding the right home. Many buyers have dodged real estate bullets by listening to their intuition.

Your intuition usually comes to play after you’ve shortlisted the homes you want to visit.

How do you feel when you first walk into the house? Does the house welcome you? We know this sounds crazy, but it’s true.
Does the house make you feel safe, warm, and comfortable? Yes? Then that’s the right home. Not all places make us feel at home, and that is why we’d advise you to trust your feelings on this one.
How do you find the bathrooms? Are they spacious enough? Do you find yourself marveling at the tile or marble work? Then, my friend, that’s the right home.

Does the house make you feel content that you no longer want to inspect other houses? Do you find yourself comparing all other homes to that specific home? There you go. That’s “The One.”
This is why we advise buyers to take their time when visiting and inspecting houses. Relax and listen to yourself before you decide to buy a home. Don’t allow anybody to rush you through the screening process.

Some unscrupulous real estate agents tend to rush their clients through the process so they can quickly close the deal and earn their commission. Don’t let them. It’s your right.

5. You’re already planning for the future

Do you find yourself envisioning how your furniture will fit in the rooms? Can you already see all your family photos on the walls?
Have you already decided what wallpaper you want on the walls? The perfect spot for the Christmas tree? Do you see yourself getting along with your neighbors?

This means you’ve already identified the home as yours on a subconscious level.

Can’t wait to go home and tell your dog or cat about your new house? All those are signs you’ve found the right home.

6. It has multiple exits and other unconventional features

Image souce: unsplash.com

A small sign that is increasingly becoming popular, especially now that most people are considering renting part of their homes to help settle their monthly mortgage installments.

Even if you don’t want to rent out part of your home, a house with multiple exits will come in handy when a beloved relative or friend loses his or her job and asks to crash at your place for a couple of days.

All in all, we’d advise you to look for those unconventional features that might prove important in the near future. It’s always cheaper to buy a home with inbuilt features instead of renovating and restructuring later in the future. Learn more here at https://www.yourcalvert.com/buying-first-home/.