The catchiest song on the Internet has taken the cyber world by storm. The popularity of this extremely hilarious and imaginative song and video had made this youtube baby grow quickly when the ratings and video previews had gone through the roof. Many others had previously tried to make such catchy videos but most of them didn’t turn out to be as successful as the controversial video – Shut Up Woman Get On My Horse aka Get On My Horse. What I found as a surprise was a reaction of a part of the public that considered this video to be sexist, degrading towards woman.


ShutUpWomanGetOnMyHorse Original Video

This masterfully made video hasn’t just become famous for its amusing video and over the top lyrics, it also has a psychological tone to it. The three protagonists of the story are: An English gentleman who seems to have some sexual frustrations hidden in his past, we can see it from the way he addresses the lady another character who seems shy at first and refuses his offer to get on the horse but none the less she dances cheerfully to the tune. The most important character is the horse that appears to have a laid- back personality but is both kinky and hilarious.

Here are some of the craziest and weirdest response videos:


Get On My Horse (WoW edition)

A brilliant idea to use the characters from the popular online game World Of Warcraft. Even the voices and the music are the ones that seem to be like the ones from the WOW.


Amazing Horse NEW VIDEO!

In this video the creators have made an effort to do it properly using some intro and great animation.


Helios’s Amazing Horse (Look at my Horse)

In this case I have to agree with the comment of one of the youtube users who wrote that it must have had been done in paint. An awesome idea, but time consuming.


Shut up Woman Get on my horse (Hardcore RMX)

If you want to use this song for your mobile phone or to play it on your party then we recommend this version that is lively and much faster than the original.



This guy is losing himself trying to be funny.


Shut Up Woman! Get on my horse

It sounds almost poetic the way the animated boy is pronouncing the words even thought are not appropriate for the situation.


Get on my horse – Home Edition

These guys have even made choreography with a style, they made me laugh and I think that they can put a smile on anyone’s face.


Shut up Woman Get on my Horse

Only with some make-up and a wig this guy succeeded in making a perfectly good video. This video even contains a surprise card, it’s a baby that pops out in the middle of the video, a baby that is break dancing. I almost fell over when the baby came out. 😀


Get on my horse piano cover

Even the piano musicians get involved in creating good compilation. With great singing abilities and craft full playing he made it even somewhat romantic.


Shut Up Woman Get On My Horse – Guitar Covers

Each one of these guys gave their own tone to the song, making it adaptable to everyone’s taste.

This is a good motivation for all of you who feel like being creative to make video that will take over the Internet and make people hum your song repeatedly. Original Version:  Shut Up Woman Get On My Horse Credits To:  WEEBLS-STUFF Written by Slobodana Kostić – Copyrighted ©