Everyone has their own ways of giving affection, but if you’re looking to add more to your relationship, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find some practical tips that you can use every day that show your partner that they mean the world to you.

1. Use Your Words

The words you choose to say can be powerful and impact how others feel, and there are many ways to make your partner feel appreciated through words of affirmation.

A simple “I love you” can be sufficient a lot of the time, but you’ll also want to be thoughtful and genuine with what you say so that those three words don’t lose their effect. For example, you might say something like, “I’m lucky to have such a helpful and loving spouse,” or “I’m proud and thankful to be with you.”

What’s great about words of affirmation is that they can be used anytime and anywhere – you can say them before bedtime, when they come home from work, or even during the middle of the day via a text message to brighten it up, to name a few examples of ways you can show your gratitude and support.

2. Apply Touch


While words of affirmation are some of the best tools you have, sometimes you don’t need to use them to get the message across that you love them.

Holding hands, hugs, kisses, and massages are all gentle ways you can let your partner know that they’re in good hands and that you’re there for them right then and there, without saying a word, but it can be much more effective if you pair words with your actions.

Keep in mind, though, physical intimacy of any kind can wane over time, so if there hasn’t been much touching lately, it’s recommended that you talk to your partner about it first. There could be underlying issues emotionally that are preventing him or her from showing much physical affection.

3. Give A Gift

Another way to show your love is by surprising them with something special once and a while with a gift. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just something that lets them know you’ve been thinking about them.

Of course, you’ll know your partner better than anyone else, so try to choose something you think they’d like, but nothing too generic. However, more than likely, they’ll love the gesture no matter what you get them, regardless.

The point here is to simply be thoughtful, not to find the best material possessions, so try to save the more expensive stuff for special occasions.

4. Make Their Lives Easier


Gifts don’t have to cost money at all, and instead, you can choose to use your time to provide a service to them. It’s especially effective if they’re least suspecting it.

If you’re not usually the one to prepare dinner after a long day, you can surprise them by having the meal ready and taking care of the dishes. If you have kids, you can volunteer your time to watch them so that they can get some personal time as well as drive them to school.

These are just a few examples, and the possibilities are abundant, but all you’ll need to do is see what they normally do and lend a helping hand to show that you care.

Aside from surprising them, It’s also important that you always stick to your word and don’t break any commitments; sudden changes in plans because you can’t uphold them only makes their lives more difficult, and by being a reliable individual, you’re showing them you’re someone they can count on.

5. Spend Time Together

It’s difficult to form a strong bond if you’re not around each other, so it’s crucial that you make time for things that you both enjoy doing or find something that he or she wants to do.

When you’re together, be sure to always be attentive and try to limit your distractions, this is meant to be quality time that should build emotional and experiential intimacy with one another. These are memories that you both can fondly look back on.

Again, it doesn’t always need to be anything fancy; you can plan out thoughtful dates that get you both talking and laughing. Even if you have busy schedules, it’s essential to make regular plans to enjoy each other’s company at home or out on a date.

Important: Ask Them & Listen!


The most crucial aspect of any relationship is clear communication, and so if you’re looking for ideas on how you can show your love better, it helps to get input from the person themself.

No, this doesn’t mean you need to ask them directly what you can do to be more affectionate; rather, try to learn more about what they’re interested in lately, what they’d like to do in the future, and other things that he or she has on their mind. This can give you some amazing date and gift ideas!

Listening closely to your partner’s words is one of the easiest ways to show that you care; even being for them while they vent their frustrations can go a long way. For that, all you have to do is lend your ear.

Need More Advice On Love?

Love can be complicated and leave us feeling all kinds of different emotions. If you have additional questions that you are looking to get answered, head over to BetterHelp to find more articles like this one that covers topics such as love and intimacy, and general relationship advice.

Also, if you want more personalized guidance, a relationship counselor could also prove to be very helpful for your situation. Your relationship could be going great currently, but it can continuously be improved by learning new things from a professional who has assisted relationships like yours.


Finding the best way to show your appreciation can feel stressful, but it doesn’t have to be; as long as you’re considerate of your partner’s interests, you’ll be just fine. Hopefully, these tips have given you some excellent ideas, but advice from licensed counselors and therapists can get you out of a rut and have the happiest relationship possible if you ever get stuck in the future.