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Most pediatricians the world over always recommend breast milk for infants unless there is some specific health issue. They are convinced that breast milk is the best. The elders in the family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and everyone else is also convinced about the superiority of breast milk.

Breast milk is indeed very good. Several studies have revealed that it offers many health benefits. So the pediatricians and everyone else is right in recommending it.

However, there are some situations when moms have to turn to formula feeding. For example, the initial few days after the delivery when the mom may not have milk in her breasts yet. This period can sometimes last even for some weeks. Formula products could be a viable alternative. Also, there are some babies who cannot start feeding on the breast as soon as the milk is available there. Some first moms too face problems or are not very comfortable with breastfeeding.

Formula Feeding Isn’t Bad At All

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In a study carried out in 2018, the researchers looked at babies that lost a lot of weight after birth. This is dangerous, even though it is not that uncommon. These babies were divided into two groups. Babies belonging to the first group received some formula after their breastfeeding sessions until the mom was completely prepared to feed her milk. Infants belonging to the second group did not receive the formula product.

The researchers discovered that those in the 1st group had a significantly lower risk of hospital readmission. Details of this report were published in the Journal of Pediatrics. So it is clear that there is no reason for demonizing formula feeding.

Problems in Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be difficult for so many reasons. For instance, the milk supply can get delayed, the supply can be inadequate, the nipples of the mom can be inverted, and the baby might not be able to suck properly.

Many moms also face problems because of a lack of support from healthcare providers and family, particularly those who are first-time moms. They can feel overwhelmed. They can have sore nipples and worry that the infant isn’t getting enough milk and nutrition. Breastfeeding may only work well if she has a nurturing and knowledgeable community that helps her and solves her problems. The problem is, not every mother is that lucky. The environment is not always supportive.

Modern Day Formulas Are Good

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Baby formula products have come a long way since they were first introduced. These days, the best products like the Holle Organic Baby formula come with many nutrients, which are all good for health. You can buy it on TheBestFromJapan Why is it necessary for your child? For instance, iron in the formula will help build bones and aid muscle growth. There is a prebiotics that provides relief to babies with tummy problems. Then there are formulas with the fatty acid DHA/ARA that helps in the growth of the brain and the eyes. Baby formula products are also good because they can target specific conditions and needs. Milk, on the other hand, is general food.

Breastmilk Alternatives

Sometimes, the moms will turn to cow milk when they cannot feed breastmilk. This can be bad because some babies have allergies to cow milk. They can also have colic pain, which can cause a lot of discomfort and cry. A formula product, on the other hand, can be lactose-free. Also, vegan parents might not prefer cow milk. A good formula product might be the only practical option for them.

Reasons to Try Formula Feeding

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There are many good reasons why an increasing number of moms are trying formula products. Here are some of them –

  • The quantity of feeding – The mother can easily find out the food quantity a baby is having. This is very important because sometimes breastfeeding babies will either underfeed or overfeed. With formula, however, she can calculate the total consumed ounces.
  • Sharing of responsibility – The baby isn’t just the mom’s responsibility. Formula feeding will allow the dad, others in the family, and caregivers to give the feeding. If there is a second child, the mom can then take adequate care. And anyway, it is asking too much of the mom if she has to get up deep into the night every time to feed the child.
  • Rest and freedom – The mom has carried her baby for long. Her body is still weak. If she is breastfeeding, it will keep her attached even after the delivery. She needs some rest, a break, and she must also have her freedom. Working moms must also get back to their work and pre-pregnancy routine. Formula feeding allows others to share responsibility, which makes the mom’s life a lot easier. She deserves this break. Learn how to take care of your body after delivery. Read this guide.
  • She will be able to take her medicines – Often new moms require pain killers and other medicines after she has gone through a C-Section. Normally, they are safe while she is breastfeeding. But many moms are still worried about possible side effects and so they can be hesitant. There will be no such worries if she turns to formula feeding.
  • Nutrients and calories – Many babies require extra vitamins. Modern-day baby formulas have iron, vitamin D and many other important nutrients, which make them much better than the ones you used to find earlier. Besides, it will also be easier to count the calories that baby is having. This is very difficult, almost impossible, with breastfeeding.
  • Others can bond as well with the infant – Formula feeding allows others in the family, the father, grandparents, and even the caregivers to bond better with the infant. Even an elder sister or brother can do the feeding. This strengthens the family and makes everyone happier. Of course, the mom will also get her much-needed ‘me time’.
  • Digestion – Babies need more time to digest formula compared to breastmilk, which means they will stay full for longer. This is also good news for the mother because she will then have more time between feeds.
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So you see, there are several advantages of formula milk. They are not evil. So we should stop shaming the moms who don’t want to breastfeed for whatever reason.