Many people are planning to make 2024 the year of improvements or changes. Perhaps you’re planning to upgrade your home or spend more time outdoors?

However, if you’re lucky enough to have a patio, conservatory, garden room, or other areas that connect your property to the outside world – or if you’re planning to create something of this kind – it’s important to ensure that the access points are totally secure.

In this article, the security specialists at Lockshop Direct helped us explain why it is vital to obtain the very best locks for any feature that connects your home to your garden. We’ll also suggest a few products that serve this purpose well.

Why Invest in Good Conservatory or Patio Door Locks?

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Back entrances are one of the most common access points for break-ins. Entering from a well-lit street is highly likely to attract attention, while a dark garden sheltered by your property provides the perfect spot to avoid detection whilst gaining access.

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Furthermore, many conservatory and patio doors are made from uPVC. While modern uPVC locks are exceptionally sturdy and secure, older varieties can be extremely easy to force or break – and many seasoned burglars know this.

A few things to consider before Investing in good Patio Door Locks

Check the UL Locks

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When buying a patio door lock with a back door, you should get it checked by the UK. National Lock Institute (NLI). According to the NLI, the door can be locked with either side key but if it is a high-security door, it can only be locked by the owner. Pick a good color for your lock; make it easy to see and to see from a distance.

Read beyond the fine print

Frequent inspection and repairs are essential to a successful operation. Never trust what your warranty says. Read your Bill of Material Warranty, are there any shortfalls? Do they include a replacement if the lock doesn’t open? Take a look at their service policy. If they don’t have a guarantee that you are happy to take a loss on your investment.

Products with Poly-Lok & Springs are particularly difficult to dismantle. It’s worth checking with your local locksmith to find out if they can help.

Cheap can be expensive!

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If you own multiple Patio Door Locks, don’t buy cheap ones from the big box store, because there’s a high chance that the first one will be dirty or defective. Buy all brand-name locks and check them over, prior

Whether you’re buying a new lock, or looking for a replacement lock you’re used to having on your patio door, don’t miss out on the savings and convenience these locks bring. Patio Door Locks from Signature Doors can be fitted to any of our front and rear patio door systems, which means they can be left installed alone or be installed in your existing system.

Think of the long term benefit

There are many reasons why you would choose to invest in a high-quality patio door. Putting in the goodwill of your neighbors. Keeping your property spotless and feeling beautiful with beautiful entranceways and areas.

Peace Of Mind Beyond the Aesthetics

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Good doors or good porch locks are an investment that is quickly becoming a rare and expensive treat. To prevent damage to your home, we recommend using door/porch locks installed by a reputable manufacturer to control the power of the door lock. This is because, in addition to providing peace of mind, homeowners invest in good door locks with a good record of energy savings, homeowners and gardeners love the special odor resistant vinyl coating that is used for these doors and we strongly recommend that you pick up a locking phone number in case of emergency.

For these reasons, it’s vitally important to ensure that the locks on your conservatory, garden room, or patio doors are properly reinforced.

Best Patio Door Locks

For best results, your patio doors should feature substantial locks such as hook bolts or shootbolt models. It’s always best to install two different types of lock for extra security – so why not opt for a simple push-button lock or a cylinder lock too? Click here to find out more.

A standard installation will see the shingles slide right into place, making this the perfect fit for your patio doors. As you can see below, there are different styles of shingles – particularly in the later range of styles – so our professionals can be relied on to help you get the right door for you. That’s one of the many reasons why Cedar Sound not only stands out in our products but also in the door industry.

Best Conservatory or Garden Room Door Locks

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uPVC doors between the conservatory and garden can be easily and effectively secured using high-performance multi-point latches that are extremely difficult to pick or force.

You can also opt for clever anti-snap cylinders. These work by ensuring that the front of the unit breaks off when a would-be intruder attempts to force or break the lock, making it virtually impossible for them to manipulate any further.

The lock itself will still be usable, and you’ll simply need to get the anti-snap mechanism replaced to restore it to its former condition.

Final Thoughts

Remember to Secure All External Areas

Of course, access to your home is not the only thing you’ll need to think about. If you have a garage, wendy’s house, shed, or any other building in your garden that contains valuable items such as tools or vehicles, you’ll need to secure that properly too.

Whether you choose padlocks, drop bolts, garage defenders, or anything besides, you’ll not only prevent these outdoor structures from being broken into, but you’ll also deny any criminal a spot to hide out until the coast is clear!

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration and helped you to choose the right locks for your home. Be sure to check out other helpful posts for more advice on making sure that your home will be beautiful and all secure!