With the exponential boom in online gambling in the UK, the Gambling Commission of the UK has introduced a new regulation requiring all online casinos and betting sites to sign up with Gamstop if they are to continue operating.

If you have been giving yourself a tough time with budgeting lately and can not help but spend a lot of your time and money on gambling, then Gamstop is an effective tool that can help with your gambling addiction, and force you to keep away from it.

What is the Gamstop Regulation Scheme?


Heard a fair few whispers about the Gamstop regulation by your gambler peers, but not quite sure what the scheme is? Simply put, Gamstop is a self-help tool that intends to promote responsible gambling by assisting compulsive gamblers in withdrawing from their addiction to gambling for a given period. Started by the UK’s Gambling Commission, the primary purpose of the scheme is to ensure that you can regulate your bad gambling habits.

Gamstop temporarily restricts your access to UK’s officially licensed online casinos and betting sites when you sign an agreement with it. The self-exclusion period could range from one month to 5 years. Once you sign a contract with Gamstop, you cannot reverse the deal until the ban from your online gambling habits has been orderly lifted; after which you are welcome to continue betting your money.

Finding a Way Around the Gamstop Regulation

If you feel like you have got your gambling habits under control way before the temporary ban’s time frame is due to complete, you should look into betting your money on some of the safest non-Gamestop online casinos. For a comprehensive list of the most popular ones registered in the UK, you may click here. That will not only help keep you away from the regulation scheme’s radar but will also ensure that you don’t break any legal laws and safeguard yourself from online scammers.

Since the agreement does not stop you from accessing gambling sites not registered under UK’s official Gamstop scheme, you can always consider non-Gamstop casinos to play all your favorite games without worrying about any limitations.

Reviewing Non-Gamstop Online Casinos Before Signing Up


Not quite sure which Non-Gamstop online casino to trust? We understand! You can’t just bet your money on any suspicious website. For this very reason and more, we have come up with brief criteria that can help you review the Non-Gamstop Online Casino before signing up.

Verifying the Security Processes for Utmost Safety

Online gambling is, ironically, a gamble on its own. After all, it isn’t easy to bet a large sum of money without considering the risks and consequences that come with it. Hence, it is crucial to consider fully licensed online casinos that you can fully trust to offer you premium safety.

A fully licensed gambling operation will use industry-standard encryption like SSL to keep your personal details and funds safe. In addition, it should have identity verification processes in place before you make any transaction to safeguard your funds from being accessed by the wrong hands.

Considering the Payment Method

One of the essential safety checks when betting online is to verify the payment methods beforehand. Most reputable non Gamstop gambling sites will offer popular banking options, making it extremely easy for you to transfer your hard-earned money straight into your wallet. Most importantly, they will have favorable fees, helping you make the most bang for your buck.

Looking into the Games and Bonuses

Before signing up, consider what kinds of games the particular online casino has on offer. No one wants to be stuck with a gambling site that has a limited number of casino games or those of poor quality.

We have compiled a list of trusted Non-Gamstop casinos that have a great selection of the most popular games. These games have a variety of themes and gameplays to choose from. The best part? You can choose between virtual table games and live dealer games, both of which offer exciting fun throughout the gambling experience.

Not only this, but we have also considered Non-Gamstop online casinos that offer some of the most attractive bonuses. These bonuses provide fair wagering requirements alongside their promos. So, if anything, there is little to no false marketing to lure you into betting a huge sum of money.

Top 5 Non-GamStop Online Casinos


If you can not wait for your Gamstop self-exclusion period to end but want to continue enjoying gambling, then look no further. The following is a list of the top 5 most reputable Non-Gamstop online casinos that ensure the security of your private information and funds with their excellent levels of security.


If you are looking for an all-rounded online casino with hundreds of slots available to bet in on, we recommend looking into SuperSlots. You are guaranteed to find some of the most exciting slots here, including Jungle Stripes, Seven Seas Treasures, and Mysterious Lamp.

It offers the widest options for making transactions in the industry. Along with a vast amount of slot games, it also accepts cryptocurrency payments from various virtual currencies. If you are seeking to take your gambling experience to new heights with SuperSlots.

Red Dog Casino

Although Red Dog Casino is a relatively new gambling den, it has quickly gained popularity over the past few months – and for a good reason! With laser-sharp graphics, smooth gameplay, and modern slots game, this Casino attracts players looking for a secure Non-Gamstop gambling experience.

The brand-new Casino also offers a generous deposit bonus so that you can play for long hours with no worry of losing your money.

Las Atlantis


Do you want to experience the breathtaking Las Vegas casino experience right from the comfort of your home? Say no more! Signing up on Las Atlantis is all you need.

With endless jackpot slots, live games, and hundreds of casino classics at your disposal, Las Atlantis welcomes players with some generous bonuses and offers. The uniquely themed designs keep you on your toes throughout your bets. Plus, it also accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. So, you can take your gambling experience to new heights.

Juicy Stakes

Are you looking for a safe online Non-Gamstop casino that specializes in poker? Consider Juicy Stakes as your go-to gambling club! With over 300 casino games to choose from, the gambling site is an apparent hit.

Moreover, the virtual Casino offers a massive welcome bonus on the table for new players.

Wild Casino


A well-presented, user-friendly online Casino is all that we crave. Wild Casino is just that, and more! Made exclusively to be accessed from anywhere around the world, the Casino has an excellent mobile interface to keep you entertained right from your pocket.

Search through 300+ slots, exciting casino games, and attractive bonuses for the best Non-Gamstop gambling experience.

Whether you wager on slots, table games, or other online casino activities, gambling at non Gamstop casinos brings several benefits. Whether it is being able to choose from a variety of award-winning games or making transactions through the payment method of your choice, they offer a wholesome gaming experience.

However, many of these unscrupulous online casinos and betting sites are fly-by-night enterprises with no oversight from any regulatory body. Accordingly, before you sign up with an online casino to get a piece of betting pie, it is imperative to do some background research and choose a safe non-Gamstop casino, so you can significantly limit the risks that come with online gambling activities.