Roulette is one of the fascinating games which have users all over the world. It is relatively popular because this game has the potential to offer large payoffs even on little bets. As for the roulette games, different users tend to consider different rules, which are favorable to them.

Many beginners who play casino games for the first time want to follow the rules and techniques used by experienced roulette players. Do you want to know more about what rules the experienced roulette players generally follow? In that case, our guide will help you find those rules and we will also explain how they work as well.

Top 8 Fundamental Rules Every Experienced Roulette Users Follow

If you would like to start playing roulette, make sure to create an account in kingscasino, where there are different types of casino games. Below are some of the top rules which a majority of experienced roulette players still follow.

1. Roulette Variants


All the experienced users are aware of the different types of roulette variants. If you are a novice, then you have to know that there are three various roulette variants: European, American, French, and Mini roulette. It is vital to remember that every variant possesses a slight difference in the wheel layout and different house edges.

Besides that, the payout rate is not the same for all variants. European roulette is generally the best because it offers decent statistical returns and maintains a house edge of about 2.63%.

The American roulette wheel features one single zero and another double zero. The European roulette wheel contains only one single zero. Because of that, many skilled prefer this wheel.

The French roulette shares various similarities with the European wheel. However, the primary difference is its “La Partage” rule. The mini roulette is the online version of this game.

2. Playing Roulette Games With Surrender Or En Prison


In the roulette games, you will lose half of the wager when zero or double zero appears. However, due to the “surrender” rule, the player will have the remaining half of the bets.

In the American roulette wheel, “surrender” reduces the house edge by 50%. Rather than encountering a 5.26% house edge, the user will get only 2.63% house edge. Because of that, experienced players tend to choose the roulette games that feature surrender with even-money wagers.

Coming to the En prison, it is also quite similar and decreases the house edge by half. However, the only difference is in the application, and the En prison is generally present in European single-zero roulettes. When the ball stops on green zero, the even-money wagers are detained until the following roulette wheel spin.

In general, the edge in the European wheel game is 2.70%, but En prison tends to cut the house edge to 1.35%. Hence, it is best to play roulette games that have either of these two choices.

3. Choose The Safest Bets


Another rule and common strategy which several experienced players follow is picking the most safest bets. In general, the safest wagers in the roulette games will provide nearly half winning opportunities. They are red or black, odd or even, and low or high.

4. Prefer Wheel Games With Single-Zero

Like we said previously, skilled players who have prior experience will give priority to play on roulette wheels that have only one zero.

It is because playing on the single-zero wheel and a 2.70% of house edge will ensure high returns. You can also choose the double-zero roulette wheel and put 5.26% house edge.

5. Size Of The Bet


The size of your wagers is associated with your bankroll size and the total duration you intend to play and make bets on the wheel. Bankroll is the proportion of budget you plan to use in the roulette games.

A typical roulette game will have about 40 spins in a single hour. Due to that, you must have enough budget for nearly 120 spins if you would like to play out for three hours.

6. Inside Vs. Outside Bets

In general, the inside wagers are positioned on the block of numbers. It is possible to make a bet easily on a specific number that has the potential to provide more payouts. In addition to that, you can also put the wager on:

  • Street (a particular row of numbers)
  • Six-line (two sets of streets)
  • Corner (four distinct numbers)
  • Basket (assortment of 0 to 4)

Coming to the outside bets, you can use them when you would like to catch a massive part of the roulette wheel. These wagers have more winning possibilities, but the returns are relatively low.

7. Consider Putting Minimum Stakes

Beginners are likely to think that experienced players will put high stakes on the roulette games. However, it is not totally true because skilled players will also start with minimum bets.

It is essential for novices to understand that keeping high stakes would not assure high returns or constant profits. After getting a grip on the game and checking the winning odds, players will begin to make high stakes.

8. Select The Best Online Sites


Whenever experienced roulette players want to play different casino games in other formats, they are likely to choose the best available sites. These online sites with good reviews often give high payouts even if the user puts limited wagers. Because of that, it is essential to select the best website to start playing roulette games.

As of now, there are some sites that will ask you to make an initial deposit in order to get bonuses or rewards. In a few apps and sites, it is not mandatory to deposit the money and you can receive bonuses right after registering your account.

Final Word

If you want to get more wins and additional profits in casino games, it is better to try the rules and strategies mentioned in this guide. Many skilled players with years of experience are still following these rules and getting huge payouts.