There are plenty of romantic options and things you can do in Adelaide. The city is one of the best in Australia with excellent scenic sites and gardens. If you’re planning for a romantic gateway to Australia, you should consider visiting Adelaide.

Most tourists visiting Australia often go to the big city Sydney. However, other cities such as Brisbane, Canberra, and Adelaide are great cities to visit and most of them are budget-friendly.

If you’re planning to visit Adelaide soon for a romantic gateway, there are excellent options you can consider. You can hop on a hot air balloon ride and enjoy Adelaide’s skyline. The idea is to create some amazing memories with your special partner. You might even get more than eight romantic ideas.

1. Visit Port Adelaide Lighthouse


The Port Adelaide lighthouse is a historic site set up in the late 1800s. You can climb to the observation deck and get a panoramic view of the city. Catching these views together with your partner will always be a memorable event.

If you love spending time outdoors, you should take some time and visit the Port Adelaide lighthouse. Most tourists visiting Adelaide flock to this place, so make sure you plan your travel times well to get ample time to enjoy yourselves at the lighthouse.

2. Date Night at Her Majesty’s Theatre

If you love watching dances or theatre plays, then you should make a trip down to Her Majesty’s Theatre. It is one of the best theatres in Adelaide and you will never go wrong with a movie date at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

You should check out upcoming plays as you plan your date night. The theatre has some excellent romantic vibes, which makes it an ideal date night spot. You can even plan it as a surprise for your partner. Watch out for some upcoming romantic plays.

3. Go For a City Tour


Outdoor lovers and extroverts will enjoy a great time cycling through the streets of Adelaide. There are several bike-hailing services within the city. You can choose to for a solo ride with your bae or join a guided tour around the city.

There are plenty of scenic sites across Adelaide that you need to explore. Cycling with your partner will give you a chance to explore the city together and unearth some gems within the city. First, you can choose to explore different eateries and sample the variety of cuisines available.

Cycling trips are one of the cheapest and most affordable date plans. The best thing is other than enjoying what the city has to offer, you will also burn some calories.

4. Picnic at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens are a public space where you get a chance to interact with nature. The garden is home to plenty of exotic flower and tree species. There are plenty of pathways crisscrossing through the garden.

You can prepare home-cooked meals or even buy some food from the restaurant. Pack it in a picnic basket and don’t forget to get a bottle of wine if you are not a teetotaler. You can take romantic walks within the gardens capturing amazing photos with your partner.

5. Hot Air Balloon Ride


Are you afraid of heights? Well, it is time to get over that by taking a hot air balloon ride over Adelaide’s skyline. You can choose to go for an early morning trip to catch the sunrise. Better yet, you can also take an evening balloon ride to get a glimpse of the sunset.

Here is the deal: if you take a morning ride, you will also get a chance to eat breakfast on the balloon. The balloon rides take close to one hour and you will get a chance to view the best of Adelaide from the sky.

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6. Visit Rundle Mall

Girls love shopping trips, and if you’re out of ideas on where to go for a date, why not go shopping at the Rundle Mall? It is one of the best malls in Adelaide with over 700 shops, restaurants, and boutiques.

You can go shopping and surprise her with new clothes or shoes. The mall has a variety of restaurants that serve a variety of meals. Later on, grab some food and drinks from one of the restaurants within the mall.

7. Attend a Live Concert at Adelaide Town Hall


Live concerts are entertaining, and attending one will create a nice romantic experience. You can catch live performances, and most bands performing at the Adelaide Town Hall play classical music.

Adelaide Town Hall has an excellent setup topped with candles to create a good romantic space. Don’t hold back and be ready to catch a dance as you enjoy spending time with your partner.

8. Movie Night at Mercury Cinema

Movie nights are always a good date night idea. Mercury Cinema is one of the best movie theatres in Adelaide, screening some of the latest movies. It has a unique setup designed to make couples feel comfortable.

All you will need is to buy tickets for an upcoming movie and have your snacks ready. The best thing about movie nights is that you don’t have to dress for the occasion. You can pick up your partner from work and grab a few drinks as you wait for the movie to start.

Wrapping Up

Most couples overthink when it comes to date ideas. There are plenty of things you can do with your partner while out on a date. You don’t have to blow your budget whenever you’re going out with your partner.

You can prep home-cooked meals and go out for a picnic. The idea here is that you need to keep it simple but also be creative. Overall, make sure you have fun with your partner.