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Mousepads, as well as other gaming devices, play an important role during the gaming process. Everything can depend on the smooth and quick glides of the mouse. You may lose if the surface is not reversible enough for ensuring precise control. Even the material or design of the mouse pad can affect the quality of gaming. So, gamers should consider several tips on how to choose the most appropriate mouse pad. Here you can find the best examples of gaming mousepads.

Some Shopping Tips Before you Buy a Mouse Pad

Some tips can be helpful to make the best choice. Before buying a mouse pad, you should consider several features of the future purchase and then choose a mouse pad. Remember that a mouse pad should correspond to several requirements to improve the quality of gaming.

  • USB port — do not forget that RGB mousepads need some power, so you should have a free USB port. If you do not, search for a pad with a USB passthrough port;
  • Material — one more important issue to consider is a material of a mousepad. Plastic surfaces are hard and slippery, so it requires minimal force for quickly gliding. As for the soft cloth, this material requires precise control;
  • Software — software is essential for customizing lighting colors and effects. In case if there is no software, it means that the options are limited.
  • A quantity of RGB zones — remember that RGB LEDs and RGB zones are different things; if you want a mouse pad with more than 1 color at a time, you should choose a device with 2 RGB zones.

List of Best RGB Mouse Pads to Buy

1. Corsair MM300 Extended


Surface Material: Soft Cloth
Pros: huge and smooth surface; stitched edges.

Corsair presents various gaming accessories. You can find some more devices designed by this brand or visit Insider. Games for reading about the best gaming mouse pad considering some basic features. The main advantages of Corsair MM300 Extended is a large surface (36.61 x 11.8 x 0.12 in) and its design specific for smooth, textile-weave design. These features will make the gaming process enjoyable and convenient. The mousepad is designed to ensure quick gliding to move a mouse across the desk.

SteelSeries QCK Prism


  • Surface Material: hard polymer plastic or micro-textured cloth
  • Pros: several RGB zones; reversible surface; a variety of themes; reactive RGB lighting implementation;
  • Cons: fingerprints on the plastic side.

SteelSeries QCK Prism is among the best gaming devices, as it is fully designed for serious gaming. Also, gamers can choose one of the two sides: hard polymer side for fast speed of moves or soft cloth surface for better and concise control. One more benefit is the reliability of the mouse pad; thanks to its thick rubber base, it won’t move even during aggressive movements during the game.

3. Logitech G440


  • Surface Material: Hard Plastic
  • Pros: solid base; low friction surface;
  • Cons: high price compared to its competitors.

Logitech G440 is the best gaming mouse pad due to its hard surface, which allows increasing the speed and accuracy of moves. Also, gamers should choose this mouse pad if the gaming process requires tight mobility and swift navigation. Smooth and rapid movements will not only improve the gaming process but also make the gamer enjoy the process without being distracted by trivia. So, its design and perfect features are the main benefits of this gaming device.

4. Roccat Taito Control

  • Surface Material: Soft Cloth
  • Pros: large and excellent surface texture; stitched edges;
  • Cons: noise in case of intense movements.

Roccat Taito Control is made of rubber composites with synthetic fabrics to ensure a soft top for a smooth glide of the mouse. A large and excellent surface texture helps to ensure quick and accurate frictions. Also, the size of the mouse pad (15.7 x 12.6 in), which pretends to be a medium, makes it a preferable gaming accessory for most gamers.

5. SteelSeries QCK Prism Cloth (XL)

  • Surface Material: Soft Cloth
  • Pros: 2 RGB zones; software customization; reactive RGB lighting;
  • Cons: visible stitches; it is better to make it taller;

This mouse pad is the best among the large RGB devices. Friendly software of SteelSeries QCK Prism Cloth makes available RGB lighting for gaming advantage, as it can communicate different things such as game alerts or Discord notifications. This device also involves a wide range of customization options starting from pre-made themes and finishing with controlling the light speed in seconds. Finally, a micro-woven surface and a rubber base make it reliable even in case aggressive mouse moves.

6. Patriot Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad


  • Surface Material: Hard polymer plastic
  • Pros: detachable MicroUSB cable; unique shape; convenient and fast controls;
  • Cons: no software for customization.

Patriot Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad has quite a large surface that makes it convenient for the gaming process. There is no software to customize the device, but it is possible to control the lighting effects with the help of a braided, detachable MicroUSB cable. The button is responsible for various light effects, including steady lighting or single or multi-color breathing. Also, the gaming device’s unique shape improves the gliding moves of the mouse by making them quick and precise.

7. Razer Firefly and Mamba Hyperflux

  • Surface Material: Hard Plastic or Soft Cloths
  • Pros: wireless charging that supports smartphones and other devices; reversible surface; USB passthrough port;
  • Cons: the device is quite expensive.

Razer Firefly and Mamba Hyperflux is a wireless mouse pad that provides a lot of freedom for the gamer. This device is convenient and matches various tasks. The reversible surface makes the mouse pad perfect for different games, as it serves various needs during the gaming process. So, the gamer can choose the part of the mouse pad depending on the requirements of the game control. All in all, this device unites several benefits that make it to be one of the best in the market.