Am sure you have a remote cabin that you hardly visit or go to, either due to its location or have simply lost interest in living in it. Well, why would you neglect a property that could easily earn you money to get you by. Maybe you do not need that extra money, but imagine how amazing it’ll be to know that your property is not just sitting around depreciating in value due to neglect.

Airbnb has been one of the easiest ways to make money from property. Well, if you are on board with this plan, here are a few things you can do to revamp your cabin for Airbnb. Read on!

1. Add a solar panel


A source of power is one of the few things that are essential in any home. In this case, it’s more significant since you want your guest to be re-assured of a source of power.

I know that with such houses paying for electricity may be tricky since it may not be near a power line. A solar panel can be an easier way to harness power. You also want to ensure that the solar is protected from damages. If you visit the website here, you will get PV protection products that you can use.

Their quality is outstanding and they are designed with utmost efficiency in mind. The team responsible for the designs and production of the final product is a group of specialists that are driven towards developing world-class products.

2. Polish the wood

With all the years that your cabin may have stayed unattended to or even lived on, the wood must have aged with time. Get a team of specialists to work on the wood area of your cabin.

Have them tackle the floor as well to ensure that it is in good condition to avoid accidents and possible lawsuits.

You can go ahead and purchase polish products to make your work easier. They will give your cabin an authentic look. It will give you leverage to charge better and get value for your hard work, revamp!

3. Get new furniture


So far, the furniture that you had purchased when the cabin was still new is probably out of date. Go ahead and get new furniture. This ranges from sofas, dinner sets, beds, and the likes. Be sure to check the latest trends in the market and the ones that will suit your interior design.

The essence of this is to have a nice cosy cabin that people will be willing to pay to stay there. Furniture speaks a lot to the owner. Therefore, if you are unsure of what to choose when it comes to picking furniture, get help.

4. Mow and re-design the lawn

A lawn introduces visitors to your home. If you want to renovate that remote cabin, ensure that you pay keen attention to how you redesign your lawn. Focus on ensuring that your lawn is not only presentable but it allows the cabin to look outstanding.

You can do easy but simple DIY to make the lawn look better than the condition it has been in for the period it was not occupied. You can even add flowers and other Michaelangelo landscaping ideas that make your house appear cozy.

5. Change the living room


The living room is one place in the house where people spend most of their time. Create an arrangement in the living room that is neither too complex nor too boring. Since the goal is to have people book your cabin for maybe a weekend or whatever time they’d love to, you need to create a universal appearance in the living room. It’ll not be so much as how you like it, but how many clients will appreciate it.

Do not forget to add finishing touches to the living room by adding a good screen for entertainment purposes.

6. Work on the bedrooms

The bedrooms of your cabin are certainly suited for you and your family. You need to change this by having a full remodel of the rooms. Think glass and overhead showers and a bathtub. You can even go-ahead to install smart devices in those rooms that play music at the command of the occupant.

Change the mattresses and the sheets of those rooms. The beds may also be replaced and the wardrobes redesigned if it’s not too much trouble. What’s essential is that every room should look and feel unique. Create a personality.

7. Work on the lighting


You can choose a variety of lighting, ranging from rustic, wall sconces, vanity lights, outdoor lighting, and more. Work on a specific lighting area to ensure that you capture all the areas that need lighting.

Just be sure to focus on creating a nice mood with the lighting that you’ll set. Instead of focusing on lighting for the entire house, pay keen attention to installing the lights in specificity.

8. Creat a fireplace

Cabins are amazing with a fireplace. You can do this in two ways, having an interior or exterior fireplace. Either way, it’s an amazing adventure that may be worth trying. It makes the cabin warm even during the cold season.

The Bottom Line

Revamping a cabin takes as much time and effort as renovating a regular house. What is essential is to budget for everything and see what your return on revenue is before charging anyone for the first Airbnb client.