Staircases are often the part of a home that makes the biggest statement, after all – they’re one of the first things people see when they walk in.

Maybe yours is looking a bit tired and worn, and it’s a common misconception that you’re stuck with the same old staircase – unless you’re willing to fork out for a brand new one.

Achieving a complete new look for your staircase doesn’t have to be as complicated, or expensive, as you might think though.

By replacing the smallest of features you can make your stairs feel like new, at a low cost too.

Here’s a few simple ways you can transform your staircase on a budget.

1. Give your stairs a new finish


Simply getting your paintbrush out can help achieve an entirely different look for your staircase.

By painting treads, risers, spindles, newel posts and your handrails you can give your staircase a fresh new look.

It’s important you make sure to sand down any old layers before applying your new varnish or paint.

Alternatively, you could replace your old carpet with something fresher, or ditch it completely for some more modern looking wooden steps.

2. Update your handrail


Replacing individual parts of your staircase is one of the most cost effective ways of giving it a new look altogether.

Depending on the condition of your staircase, replacing your handrail might be all you need to do in order for it to look brand new.

You could opt for a wall mounted handrail, to instantly modernise your staircase and help the room feel a bit more spacious.

Combining an oak handrail with either brush silver or dark grey end caps will help you achieve a more modern look (if this is what you’re going for) and create an attractive contrast.

Why not opt for a wrought iron handrail?

It’s a very versatile material, and whether you’re looking for a more classic and elegant look or want to achieve something more modern, wrought iron could be the way to go.

Your options are endless and you’re bound to find something you love.

3. Use carpet


Something else you could try is replacing your old wooden steps with a brand new carpet.

If your treads and risers are still in good condition, why not opt for a runner section of carpet down the middle?

Doing this at the same time as refreshing your old paint or varnish will work wonderfully.

There’s a huge range of colours and styles that’ll help you make your statement and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Pale coloured carpets will make your living space appear brighter, but any stains (they’re bound to happen at some point) will be a little harder to remove.

Opting for a slightly darker grey will help make any dirt or stains less noticeable.

As for material, a wool carpet might be the best choice if you live with children or pets; we all know how messy they can be.

The fibres in the wool help repel any dirt and stains that come it’s way.

Patterned carpets are also popular choices and can help you achieve different illusions, like making your staircase look longer, for example.

In this case, you’ll want to look at a striped pattern.

4. Mix and match materials


Replacing individual parts of your stairs isn’t as expensive as you might think.

While you’re choosing designs, why not consider using different materials for different parts?

You’ll be able to achieve the look of your dreams and not only help your stairs fit your decor better, but make them the winning feature of your home.

You could combine wood and metal – they both make great all-round stair components and are available in many forms.

If you’re after a more modern looking set of stairs, you could try chrome or brushed nickel spindles, connectors and newel caps with a pine or oak handrail or baserail.

For you balusters, you could try two or three different types of material in an alternating sequence for something that’s unique to you and your home.

There’s no need to limit yourself.

5. Add a feature step


A feature step can have many different purposes, but primarily it opens up the staircase, making it approachable from all sorts of angles and providing an elegant sweep onto the stairs.

As well as this, adding a feature step to the top or bottom of your staircase gives you the opportunity to play around with different colours and materials.

One of the most important aspects of any interior design project is creating contrasting colour schemes, they shouldn’t be too overpowering though.

The perfect example for your staircase involves having a hardwood feature step alongside carpet.

A hardwood step also acts as a boundary between your flooring and your stairs and with a neutral toned carpet and light coloured floor, the step helps ease the transition between the floor and the staircase.

6. Lighting


Simply looking at the lighting in your home could change the way you see your staircase.

Good lighting is key, and with your staircase you can really experiment to see what you like best.

Think about the type of light you need and where’s best to put new lighting features.

You could draw warm lighting to your hallway, or fit lights underneath your treads for a contemporary look – which will work particularly well if your hallway struggles with natural light.

Why not add a strip of light along your handrail or bannister?

While doing this will provide a dramatic focal point in the dark, it’ll work best when paired with lights on your steps or walls to ensure sure-footed stair climbing.

Transform your staircase at a low cost


You don’t need a lot of money to give your stairs a well deserved makeover.

They are the main feature of a home and are used by everyone everyday; even the liveliest of rooms can be made dull by an outdated, neglected staircase.

By changing a few small things you can make sure they look as good as new. Looking for great looking staircases in the UK contact Pear Stairs now.