Moving can be a fun experience for your kids, as long as you take the time to make it so. However, when you are relocating with family, there are some steps that you should follow to ensure that everyone is on board and excited about the new location. This blog post will discuss those steps in detail.

Make a list of all the people you need to contact about the move

This should include co-workers, friends, family, and members of your church. It may also include businesses in the new area that you need to notify about a change of address or phone number. Notify as many people as possible, so they don’t think it’s odd if they receive an email from you out of nowhere.

If someone needs some time before making any decisions regarding their relocation, give them four weeks’ notice at least – this will allow for adequate preparation time without having too much impact on work obligations. This is especially important when relocating with children; whether daycare services are involved or not, parents still have to make arrangements for childcare once school starts.


Research your new location and make sure there are things for everyone in your family to do

  • You must visit the new state or city before you decide to move as you need to find out whether there are things for everyone in your family to do there like:
  • Sports and recreational activities for the kids
  • Hospitals to visit if any of your family members are not feeling well or if you have senior citizens with you.
  • Grocery stores have a wide variety of food choices if everyone has different tastes or dietary requirements. Check out their produce section too!
  • Research nearby parks – make sure they will be safe enough for you and your children to play there (avoid high crime areas)
  • Check museums and theater performances as these can give adults some time away from household chores while still giving kids something new to explore.
  • Ask bloggers about local restaurants before you go so you’ll at least know what cuisine is popular in the area when it comes time to find one near home that suits all ages’ tastes.
  • Importantly you also need to check for good schools if you have kids.

Plan by packing up boxes and labeling them with what they contain so that when it’s time to move, you can just grab a box and go

  • Try to pack up anything that’s not needed in the new home and store it elsewhere. To know tips related to packing while moving visit the website of Moving Astute, which will help you in efficient and appropriately packing your stuff.
  • If you move with your family, there is no need for duplicating items like bedding or towels – just bring what suits everyone best.
  • Bringing only necessities then carting these boxes around when moving day comes along, everything will be easier on all of you!
  • In addition, make sure each box has a label so you’ll know which one contains dishes, pots, pans, etc., because this can help prevent any confusion during unpacking time.
  • Pack games into their box if they’re really good ones – kids love playing them while stuck inside due to weather delays or packing duties!
  • You can make packing fun by playing games like ‘I Spy’ while you’re doing it.
  • It is important to talk with your children about the move and help them develop ideas of what they would like to pack themselves, if possible.

Tip: It’s also a good idea not to bring any food or drinks that are easily spilled if there are delays on moving day – this will avoid ruining anything else when boxes get shifted around!


Create an emergency kit

It is necessary to pack a bag with emergency items like flashlights, batteries, bottled water, first aid supplies, etc., in case of power outages or other emergencies during the relocation process. Keep this emergency kit handy as you pack your moving boxes.

Tip: When packing for the move, make sure to consider any potential weather changes that you may experience in your new location and bring appropriate clothes accordingly.

Pack up any important papers (birth certificates/social security cards) before moving day arrives

When you have a family, you must pack up important documents like birth certificates and social security cards before moving day arrives. It’s always best to provide your children with their folders to keep important papers from both the old house and new one so that it becomes easier for them when filling out forms or registering at a new school in their state.


Tip: Bring along your pet’s paperwork if you are relocating because there may be different rules about housing pets in your new home state.

Take care of any loose ends at work or school before leaving town

This will allow you the time necessary to focus on your family and enjoy this big transition.

Tip: If your child attends a private school, make sure he/she has provided their new address with the administration so that they can be updated in case there are any changes in schedules due to transportation delays when moving into the new home state.


It’s not easy to pack up and move with a family, but these tips will help make the process smoother. Ensure you’ve got everything covered by checking off your list of people who need contacting about the change in address. Next, research your new location so that there are things for everyone in your family to do together when they arrive. And be ready ahead of time!

Pack up boxes before moving day arrives and label them with what they contain, so it’s easier on move-in day. You can even create an emergency kit beforehand just in case anything goes wrong during the relocation process or after arrival at your destination city. Finally, take care of any loose ends at work or school before leaving town because