The ancient Egyptians knew about the beneficial effects of grapes and red wine, who used it for rituals rather than drinking it! The beauties of that time seem to owe their youth to the vines, and grape care was also accessible in the court of the French King Louis XIV. The nobles massaged the face with grape juice to erase the marks of fatigue and make the skin soft, radiant, and tight.

All these centuries of experience gained new momentum at the end of the last century when the first wellness center to offer wine therapy was opened in the world. Shortly afterward, wine baths, grape wraps, and massages of precious oil obtained from its bones became an indispensable offer in all the better salons and wellness centers around the world.

Grapes are a natural tonic of the body, and its ingredients disinfect the skin and help to collect pores. Due to its exceptional antioxidant power, grapes are one of the essential anti-aging products. Wine and grape treatments achieve skin whitening, the removal of pigmentation spots resulting from excessive sun exposure, hormone action, or aging. Grape bones and its skin are rich in polyphenols, slowing the aging process by as much as 80 percent. Wine must be appropriately stored, so check here or maybe here to find out more.

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One of the most prominent female enemies today is cellulite, and it is the wine that helps remove it! Namely, it stimulates microcirculation, as well as excretion of poisons from connective tissues, moisturizes the skin, which thus becomes firmer. Due to its drainage ability, stubborn cellulite can be successfully eliminated.

Because grapes effectively cleanse the body, it is also useful for achieving a thin line. Just 500g of grapes, combined with a few healthy, low-calorie foods a day, is an excellent method for eliminating excess pounds.

Many grape-based cosmetic preparations are known, and wine and face and body care products can soon be expected. In these studies, a particular place is occupied by champagnes, the use of which may be of multiple benefits due to the antioxidant effects of the grape seed extracts it contains. Cosmetic chemist Joseph Zincota claims that the antioxidants it contains are 20 to 50 times stronger than vitamins C and E, respectively! With that in mind, when you open a bottle of one of these sparkling, seductive wines, keep in mind that besides enjoying the taste, you do a good thing for the whole organism! Of course, only moderately in quantities.

Drink Red Wine for Health

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All sorts of positive health effects of wine have been written and are widely reported throughout the world.

When most of these texts, analyzes, and tests are put on the pile, they all agree on one thing – moderate consumption of wine has a beneficial effect on the human body! If overexposed, then the amount of alcohol consumed will cover all the health benefits.

Numerous studies show that people who regularly drink red wine before bed are healthier than those who do not.

It is best to drink wine with food because the acids it contains are similar to those in gastric juice, so they help digest protein in particular. It also changes blood lipid levels, lowers total cholesterol by simultaneously increasing HDL (good cholesterol). Also, it lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, keeping blood vessels clean, reduces blood stickiness, so blood clotting is less likely to occur within blood vessels. The stickiness effect lasts about two days, which is why a glass of wine is beneficial daily. It boosts immunity, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and slows its development, stimulates brain function, positively reduces the risk of many cancers: colon, all types of breast and prostate cancer, various types of leukemia, development of bone metastases, skin melanoma, cancer of the thyroid gland, ovary, lung, liver, stomach, etc.

In all of this, resveratrol, a polyphenol molecule discovered precisely in red wine, plays a crucial role in its ability to alter apoptosis (programmed cell mortality) and thus prevent cancer. It is especially interesting to find that if you want resveratrol to have the best effect, then you must take it very lightly! Keeping the wine in the tongue is a guarantee of success, unlike the relentless drinking, since by swallowing, most of these molecules go to the non-return, stomach, and liver, where polyphenol is almost immediately deactivated!

And polyphenols, by various mechanisms, neutralize free radicals in cells and prevent the oxidative damage to DNA and the spread of tumors, the emergence and development of cardiovascular and many other diseases. The quality and quantity of polyphenols in wines depend on the type of vineyard, weather conditions, soil, and method of cultivation. In white wine, their total amount ranges between 30 and 120 mg / L; in rosé between 200 and 500 mg / L, in quality red grape, it reaches 4,000 mg / L, while in the best ones, it can be up to 6,000 mg / L.

1. Wine includes a large number of vitamins as well as 13 minerals that help the body function better.

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Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, acts on the growth and renewal of cells, but also as an antioxidant. Its quantity in one liter of wine is about 10 mg.

B-group vitamins are also present, though in a slightly smaller amount. It has a beneficial effect on the absorption of vitamin B12, as well as on the function of many glands. Biotin (vitamin B2), which is also present in grape, maintains healthy fat and protein metabolism, relieves muscle pain, and prevents baldness and gray hair.

2. Drink red wine for a slender line

Women who drink regular wine in small quantities are at a lower risk of obesity, according to a study by American scientists.

The 13-year study, involving more than 19,000 women, suggests that women do not get fat from wine, that alcohol is broken down in the liver using different metabolic pathways to create heat, not fat!

3. The wine protects against stroke

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A new controversial study pointed to the fact that people who drink one or two glasses of wine a day are less at risk of stroke.

More specifically, moderate alcohol consumption in combination reduces the risk of stroke by nine percent, while women who drink one glass of wine a day reduce their risk by as much as 12 percent!

However, a study published in the BMC Medical Journal reports that alcohol consumption is still associated with high cholesterol and other forms of stroke.

5.Wine as an aphrodisiac

It as an aphrodisiac – you’ve certainly heard this before. In addition to relaxing you quickly, red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that helps accelerate blood flow and improve circulation before and during intercourse. Drinking red one in small amounts can increase your libido. So, moderation is the key.

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