Despite the modern world we live in, there are still conservative women who believe that erotica isn’t for the female population. After all, it’s porn and only men benefit from it. However, this isn’t true because erotica is for everybody. If you’re a woman and haven’t read erotic stories because you were lead to believe it’s wrong to do so, it’s time to change that mindset.

Erotica could be anything from very short softcore erotic stories which describe vivid scenes like French kissing and heavy petting to something hardcore like couples engaging in oral sex, anal sex, BDSM, and other sexual fetishes. The way the authors describe these XXX scenes is unbelievable and you’ll find yourself hot and horny without even finishing the story.

So why should every woman read erotica? Read on to find out.

1. Erotica is very entertaining


One of the most obvious reasons why erotica is popular among women is because they’re entertaining. They’re not exactly like those bestselling books published by famous authors but they can entertain. If you’re feeling bored and have nothing to do, simply browse the web for erotic stories and you’ll be overwhelmed by the thousands of XXX poems, confessions, and short stories with hot characters and steamy sex scenes.

Unlike watching porn, you can enjoy erotica privately and without embarrassing yourself in public (if you worry about that). Nobody will ever know you’re reading porn unlike watching adult videos and live shows with noisy performers.

2. Improves your sex life

Nothing is more boring than the same old sex positions over and over again. Every action becomes predictable, thus, having sex turns into a routine. If your sex life lacks thrill, reading erotica can help you improve it 100%. That’s because reading these erotic stories allows you to learn from the characters, specifically how they physically please each other.

If you and your partner are always doing missionary, doggy style, and 69, it’s time to level up your skills in bed. Erotica opens your eyes to many other pleasurable sex positions and sex acts. For instance, it can help you know more about bondage, pegging, or edging and how to do it. It can even inspire you to purchase your first sex toy.

3. Helps you find your ideal partner


Was there a time when you got hooked to reading romances when you were a teenager? Remember how the male lead character made you fall in love and how you wished you could also find someone like him? As you grow older, your preferences change and reading erotica can help you realize the ideal partner you want in life.

You want someone who won’t only sweep you off your feet with his good looks and amazing body but who provides for your needs at the same time. An ideal partner should also be someone who can satisfy your sexual needs. Erotica introduces you to different characters with unique personalities. This way, you can picture the kind of man you want to spend your life with, specifically the kind who can satisfy your sexual hunger.

4. Discover your sexuality

It’s overwhelming how many people, especially celebrities, are coming out regarding their sexuality. They inspire others to do the same and embrace who they really are. By reading erotica, you can know more about yourself and your sexuality. Who knows? Maybe you thought you were a heterosexual woman all these years and realized after reading some erotic stories that you’re turned on by both men and women.

Erotica is packed with all sorts of stories including those with characters of varied sexual orientations. There are XXX stories involving a straight woman and a lesbian or a gay man being attracted to a straight man. You can also find stories about transgender individuals and question your own idea of gender. Reading their stories can make you question your own sexuality, especially if you imagine yourself having sex with another woman and love the thought of it. Fortunately, there are so many stories like that so you can easily find one with just a few clicks.

5. Boosts your confidence


Reading erotica makes you more knowledgeable and the more you know, the greater your confidence. Imagine the surprise on your partner’s face when you suddenly introduce sex acts that you’ve never done before and you’re actually good at them. You can call the shots and guide your partner towards an earth-shattering climax.

Having this greater self-confidence can also make you become more appealing to others. That’s because you know something that they don’t or they become aware that you’re capable of doing great things, especially in the bedroom.

6. Say goodbye to boring masturbation

Women have different ways to make themselves come when doing a solo play. There are those who would watch porn videos while some simply visualize themselves having sex with their partner, a celebrity, or just about anybody they find attractive. But did you know that reading erotica can activate your senses and make masturbating more intense and climactic?

That’s because reading erotic stories can literally make your imagination run wild. Reading those sexy scenes without really seeing them allows you to paint pictures in your head where you become the main character enjoying all the wonderful things being described in the story.

7. Erotica is a stress buster


Whether you’re a fan of erotic fiction or non-fiction, it can’t be denied that reading erotica is a great way to beat stress. Aside from being entertaining and educational, it also provides you with the escape you need from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. It’s fun and relaxing to do something mindless for a change and that’s exactly one of the perks of reading sexy stories. Some scenes can make you horny, excited, and even laugh. It’s a great way to relieve stress and if you get carried away, you’ll find yourself in orgasmic heaven.

Whoever said erotica isn’t for women is obviously mistaken. It’s a form of art and entertainment that women must be exposed to. So if you haven’t tried reading erotica yet, then you’re missing out on a lot of things. Go ahead and visit for some of the hottest and kinkiest erotic stories you can read for free!