Viewed 320 million times so far on YouTube alone, the DuB family is without a doubt a darling to many. The DuB Family channel is fundamentally a tribute to parental pleasures and family ideals. The channel offers a surprisingly open and practical view of family life, with touching vlogs capturing the family’s daily explorations and thought-provoking conversations on parenthood and relationships.

While often offering a friendly and interesting view of family life in contemporary America, who would have known that they would one day, travel all the way to Istanbul, Turkey for Dub to get a long-awaited hair transplant?

In this informative blog post, we will walk you through what actually happened behind the scene and why they flew over to Istanbul for the procedure. So let’s dive into it!

Why the Effort?

First and foremost, the kids were left behind and it was just Dub and wife who traveled. They only spent a total of 3 days in Istanbul, without seeing much of the wonderful city which is a bit of a shame (unless you have kids waiting at home, so they’re excused).

By all means, it’s great to have the wife traveling with you, but it isn’t necessary since a hair transplant is performed under local anesthetics. This means that solo travel is pretty safe to cut down on the expense.

Back to the DuB fam, earlier this month (April of 2024) Dub suddenly released a video announcing that he is traveling for something that has high importance and value to him. Later in the video, he lets the cat out of the bag and declares that he’s flying to Turkey for a hair transplant!

At the same time, it’s a plain announcement to the world about the truth behind the hat. Dub always appears with a hat in his videos, so there you go; it’s because he has been suffering from hair loss, without knowing what to do about it.

We notice later in the video when he takes off his hat for the first time on camera, that the hair on top of his head has severely thinned out and his hairline is nowhere to be seen.

What’s so special about Istanbul and Heva Clinic?

It’s understandable that an influencer has access to insider info about certain things but actually, it is well-known that Turkey has become a hub for certain treatments. Hair transplant is one of them and it is also the procedure the country takes pride in. Turkey provides the best hair transplants while investing heavily in medical technology.

They also seem to have found a way to balance costs in a country where most equipment is imported but the overall cost of living is comparably low. That includes a highly skilled human resource and the country’s competitive advantage as a tourism destination for decades. For those traveling to Istanbul for medical purposes, the easy flow of things is unbeatable.

Dub and his wife, therefore, get picked up from Istanbul airport, taken to their luxury hotel room, and then to the hair transplant clinic in a very comfortable vehicle (except that this is the case for all international patients). Later in his hair transplant video, we see Dub impressed and relieved by the ultra-modern clinic and the professionalism shown by the medical staff.

Was It Worth Travelling 7000 Miles?

Dub spills it himself that the same treatment would have cost him a minimum of US$ 28,000 in L.A, about 7 times more than the cost in a high-end Istanbul clinic. Despite the fact that he didn’t get much sleep due to jet lag and that he also had to squeeze a long-distance medical trip into 3 days, he held up pretty well.

Known as a man of good judgment, once again, Dub made a great decision to get him to his goal. It must have been hard for him to hide underneath a hat all the time and never talk about his insecurities caused by hair loss.

Another reason why it was so much worthwhile for him is that the clinic of his choice; Heva Clinic in Istanbul that specializes in transplanting afro hair type. In a not so distant past, coiling hair roots used to be very difficult to harvest without causing any damage to hair grafts. Due to the high demand from patients with this type of hair, Turkish surgeons developed special tools and techniques. As a result, afro hair can be transplanted with the same success rate as straight hair in some specialized clinics in Istanbul, which in itself is pure value!

So, was it worth it? Would Dub do it again? He says hell yes!!!

Where to Get a High Quality, Safe, Successful and Cost-Effective Hair Transplant?

Celebrities like Dub get the hint from other influencers but what should the rest of us do? The thing is that legit hair transplant clinics with a great reputation like where Dub went have a transparent pricing policy. In Turkey, the cost of a hair transplant is calculated by the graft and the surgeon guides you during the initial consultation about the number of grafts you will need, depending on the look you wish to achieve.

It is also worth the effort to check the reviews of the clinics and to remember that communication is everything. Red flags are if a hair transplant clinic is not providing a timely response or is over-responsive to your query by emailing or calling you too frequently to the point of harassment.

We can comfortably say that Dub’s choice is a decent clinic with a great reputation. They also offer a free virtual consultation for you to discuss your specific hair loss situation, so it’s a no-commitment opportunity you should not miss!