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Coffee is a liquid that all of us are found drinking. It can be used to kick-start our mornings or give us the energy we need to get through the middle of a long day. This drink plays a strong role in the lives of millions around the world. But how much coffee is too much coffee? People often drink it as much as they possibly can, not thinking if they are consuming too much caffeine and whether or not it is bad for them. Therefore, it is important to find out how much coffee you can drink in your day and still be productive while staying healthy.

Here are some tips on drinking coffee, and how much you can drink.

How Much is Too Much?

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According to Vivarin studies, the average cup of coffee contains about 100mg of caffeine. The recommended safe amount of caffeine for a day is 400mg, therefore you can healthily drink about 4 cups of coffee a day without worrying. That is not to say that you cannot have more. Most people have plenty of it a day without any effects and as long as you are not drinking too heavily over the 400mg limit, you should not have to worry. There are also solutions to avoiding a caffeine overdose while still getting your fix for coffee.

According to, decaf coffee is a great substitute when you are looking for the delicious taste without that caffeine kick. This can keep you healthy and safe from caffeine overdoses while also helping you enjoy the drink that you have been craving. Many people insult decaf coffee and say it is not real one, however, any real coffee lover will tell you that it is not all about caffeine, but about the taste instead. Therefore, look into investing into some decaf coffee and drink that when you want the taste, and save the caffeine beans for when you really need that boost of energy. When looking at coffee, don’t exceed four cups, but don’t fret if you do either.

Coffee Can Curb Heart Failure

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While some link caffeine to an elevated heart rate, which in turn will increase the risks of heart disease, this is not entirely true. As talked about above, if you are exceeding the daily limit of caffeine by a large amount, you will end up doing damage to your heart and your body, however, if you are drinking within a healthy limit, this energy can help provide your heart the boost it needs to provide blood to the body.

Think of it as a jolt of energy to your heart. Heart failure is caused by your heart failing to pump blood out to the rest of your body. By giving your heart a dosage of caffeine, it can wake up and pump much more efficiently, allowing blood to travel all throughout the body. A cup or two of coffee a day can help curb heart failure and keep you healthy so don’t pay attention to people who say one cup is bad for you. You can learn how to make different types of coffee here, as not all of them have the same effect.

Coffee is Good for your Liver

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Ithas an effect where it helps your life to produce extra enzymes. These enzymes are used to break down any harmful chemicals that might come there and keep your liver functioning in a healthy fashion. Studies have shown that regular coffee drinkers’ livers have more enzymes than non-drinkers and therefore their liver is stronger and able to handle more. If you are concerned that drinking coffee is going to damage your liver, look no further as not only is that a lie, but it will help make it stronger than the average person’s.

Lower Diabetes Risk

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Not only can coffee help with your heart and liver, but it can also help with diabetes when drunk in a moderate amount. Diabetes is becoming one of the biggest killers around the world due to the diets of many people and is steadily on the rise. With so many causes, people are trying to figure out what they can do to lower their odds. It can provide that perfect solution for those who are prone to diabetes. By drinking a cup or two a day, a person can stay healthy and dramatically lower the chance of getting diabetes. Not only are you getting that morning energy boost you need, but you are keeping your body healthy, fit, and ready to tackle the years to come.

Too Much Caffeine Can Cause Overdoses

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As mentioned before, while coffee is delicious, too much caffeine can be deadly. A caffeine overdose causes a rapidly accelerated heart, and while this can help it to pump blood, it can also cause it to overwork and damage it extensively. Heart failures and heart attacks are common when a person drinks an extreme amount of coffee and it is always advised that you drink lots of other fluids in between these beverages.

Overdoses can cause increased thirst and troubles sleeping, and more severe cases can lead to vomiting, hallucinations, and even death. This is not saying do not drink it, as there are clear benefits, but it is a warning to drink it safely and in moderation. Drink coffee, but stay within the recommended guidelines to keep your body functioning healthily.

How much coffee people can drink is often a heavily debated topic of the science world. Some argue that people can have an upwards to eight cups a day safely, while others say that you should not exceed more than two. The scientific world has come to an agreement and decided that four seems to be the best range to limit your drinking. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the coffee that you love.

By getting decaf, you can keep drinking all night, even past the four cups you had in the morning. Not only that, but the coffee you are drinking can help solve a myriad of health problems and look after your body for the years to come. Not bad for something that helps you get to work in the morning. Don’t let people tell you you’re drinking too much coffee, have a cup and keep your body in tune. Do you drink your coffee in the morning or afternoon?