Welcome to the world of asphalt transformation and pavement perfection! As the summer sun gradually gives way to the crisp embrace of Fall and Winter, a new season of possibilities unfolds for your outdoor spaces.

This summer season is ending, and we are heading into Fall & Winter, the cooler months of the year that bring precipitation and many inquiries to asphalt pavers in Leonia, NJ, for repair services, seal coating, etc.

Fall is the best season to get things done if you are planning any kind of project for your pavement, so long as there is no immediate rain, sleet, or snow on the horizon. Any home improvement project comes with questions meant to better prepare residents and business owners for any asphalt services they require.

Budgeting is something every household and business across the country has to do. It lets us see our financial boundaries and plan for exciting renovations, vacations, bonuses, commissions, etc.

Without a budget in place when you set out to complete asphalt repairs, installation, seal coating, or resurfacing – you will feel lost, and the cost may be too large to handle if you are not prepared and give yourself the time to prepare for this kind of project.

Evaluate the Current Condition of Your Asphalt

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The first thing you need to figure out is the state of your current asphalt, concrete, or pavement – if you start from scratch, things will be incredibly different than making minor repairs or seal coating for maintenance. Take a walk around your driveway, walkway, private roadway, or parking lot, and make a note of any damage, cracks, or potholes you see. Once there, you have thoroughly inspected yourself- note every visible defect or damage.

Any kind of crack, hole, or damage will inevitably get worse over time, and it is always best to deal with it sooner rather than later, as it will protect you from having to spend more money on a larger asphalt project.

You will also want to keep your eye out for any water pooling or collecting in one area – asphalt is porous, so if liquids start to pool, it is a sign of the surface becoming uneven.

Lastly, you may want to check for any kind of warped surface area sinking or extreme shifting – the more issues you note, the larger the scope of repairs to prepare for.

Consider the Foundation & What the Surface is Used For

You may also want to dig into what lies underneath your pavement because it matters. The type of soil that sits beneath the surface can change your estimate. There are different types of soils; some may need more labor and compaction, and others will need a much thicker style of asphalt. Foundations are always critical, and when you are hoping to complete anything with paving, you will need all the information you can get before diving in.

What the asphalt surface will be used primarily for will also affect your budget. Suppose you expect heavy traffic, and your storefront is on a busy strip. In that case, you will have varying needs than a person who simply wants to resurface their personal driveway, and they park in the garage anyways. If you are a business that uses large boxes or semi-trucks, thick asphalt will be necessary for a successful project.

The Type of Asphalt Makes a Difference

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Aside from the density of the asphalt, different types of pavement are available for use. A professional paving company can walk you through your options and provide their opinion on what is most suitable for your needs.

  • Porous asphalt surfaces allow water and liquid to seep through its materials and push along the natural water cycle process. This asphalt is often available for a tax credit, and if you are environmentally conscious, this may be right up your alley!
  • Cold asphalt mixes are typically used to repair potholes in parking lots or any more significant damage during the Winter months. The mixture is already cold and will adhere to the rest of the pavement quickly and easily.
  • Hot mix asphalt is the most frequently used option. The mix is fully heated and poured at extremely high temperatures during the year’s warm months.

Think About the Project’s Scope

The size of your paving project and the general vision for what is needed or wanted will significantly impact on your final cost. Are you hoping to resurface or restripe a small apartment parking lot area, or do you own a retail shop with a large parking area?

Do you simply want your current driveway inspected for possible repairs and maintenance sealing, or do you need to install a brand-new, long, curvy, private drive? The size, depth of labor, type of resources, and timeline will all affect your final project budget.

There is always planning, and preparation involved on the client and contractor side before putting things into action.

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Contact Professional Asphalt Pavers for a Free Estimate

You don’t have to make guesses if you probably assess your current situation contrasted with your future vision and pitch everything in detail to asphalt pavers in your neck of the woods.

Paving companies in Jersey are there to provide clients with a complete understanding of the services and materials that should be rendered before the project begins. Consulting with the pros allows you to prepare financially and logistically for the paving process, and it also takes the burden of everything off of your shoulders.

Carrying the weight of asphalt alone can feel like a big task to rake on; that is where your local, licensed paving technicians come into the picture! NVN Paving is a locally owned and operated paving contractor business in Leonia, NJ. NVN has advocated for affordable paving services and stress-free estimates for any and all of your commercial or residential asphalt needs.