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Problems do not finish. Every now and then, there is usually a problem happening or waiting to happen. Sometimes, the fix is very easy. Other times, it would require a lot more from who. What if playing the piano could be a solution to a few of your problems?

Playing the piano has a lot of benefits. Asides from being an enjoyable musical instrument, playing the piano solves some common problems. Who knows, you might find the solution you have been looking for. You might also recommend it to your friends. Here are some common problems playing the piano can solve.

1. Stress and mental health problems

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Playing the piano is a healthy way to cope with stress. The soothing sound and the elegant motion of your fingers are very relaxing. It contributes to mental health by reducing anxiety and depression. Playing the piano stimulates the brain to release serotonin, one of the happy hormones. Simply put, the piano can put you in a good mood.

As we grow older, some people are bound to lose their memory, hearing ability, and other senses. However, in a study, scientists have shown that participants of the study who continued to play music all their lives saw a reverse in the decline of brain processes. This means playing a musical instrument like the piano every day of your life has a way of protecting your brain. It prevents you from coming down with mental and memory problems as you grow old.

2. Forgetfulness and Indiscipline

A lot of attention is demanded when playing the piano. Do you have problems focusing for long enough? You should try playing the piano. The piano sharpens your concentration and helps you focus more on your tasks. It also improves your memory capacity. Learning to play a piece expands your brain, and you can store information better. Maybe playing the piano will help you remember where you keep your keys.

If you have a commitment problem, just persevere and learn the piano. You would be tempted to give up in the middle of every piece. Pushing through these challenges and seeing the results motivates you to devote the same energy to other things. Gradually, you should start seeing changes when you start taking piano lessons in Singapore at

Time may have always seemed to never be enough for you. But the piano can be your saving grace. Playing the piano requires you to have a time slot for it in your schedule. You are saddled with organizing all your activities, so you can get them done. You must also have time to play the piano, using your time efficiently, and solving your time management problem.

3. Multi-tasking problems

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Playing the piano uses almost all the parts of your brain. Your eyes, ears, hands, and sometimes, legs are all called into action. Each finger on each hand has a note to play. Little wonder playing the piano improves one’s “split attention”. This means playing the piano takes your full concentration. You have to pay close attention to each note on the piece, the tempo, articulation, and a host of other things.

This means you are able to divide your attention and still be effective. So, if you have a problem multi-tasking in your daily life, try playing the piano. Research shows that playing an instrument seems to be the only activity that involves all areas of the brain simultaneously. These may seem like a lot, but the fact you enjoy the process helps you to achieve a better concentration level that transcends to other parts of your life.

4. Developmental and math problems

Some kids tend to have issues with growth and appear younger than their peers. You can enroll such a child in a piano class for some improvements. The human growth hormone, known as somatotropin, has been found to be produced in high levels in people that play the piano. Somatotropin is in charge of cell reproduction and regeneration. It is also essential for memory functions that consume a lot of energy.

Children also tend to get better in mathematics when they learn to play the piano. If it seems mathematics always looks like gibberish to your child, try the piano. A study has shown that you can improve a child’s arithmetic and mathematics skills if they play the piano. This study was done among second-graders, and they showed significant improvement in their math performance

5. Poor reading and social skills

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People, children, and adults have been found with the problem of reading. Memorizing music before performances help to exercise your reading comprehension skills and the part of your brain responsible for recall. A study, using the piano, has proved this to be true. It also showed that the ability to differentiate pitch – a basic ability in learning piano – is connected to a good performance in reading and its comprehension.

Playing the piano can build your self-esteem and self-awareness. This is because you have been able to take on something and be good at it. Soon, you gain the confidence to play outside your confines to your family, friends, and then to an audience. Besides, it is a good thing to talk about when you go on that date or meet new people. Everybody loves pianists. Playing the piano might just be the way you deal with that shyness.


Playing the piano is a solution to many everyday problems – psychological, mental, social, and academic. It is not just something to kill time or entertain you. In fact, playing an instrument is one of the few things that do not have any disadvantage of any form. Apart from the physical and mental benefits of playing the piano, the lessons learned from playing the piano also help people solve some common problems they face.