A Slow Start to VR

It wasn’t that long ago that every game reviewer and tech expert was saying that VR was going to be a passing fad. They were all convinced that it was a gimmick and that due to high price and low return, VR would be nothing more than a toy for people with too much disposable income.

The headsets used to cost around a thousand dollars apiece, and good software was hard to find. Sure, you could play the hell out of some Beat Saber, but it really wasn’t worth the $1000 price tag. After all, you could buy a couple of meter-long sticks and whack watermelons in the comfort of your own backyard, to some ambient trance music.

Oculus Shifted Things into High Gear

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Fast forward a couple of years, and it turns out everyone was wrong about VR. Oculus pretty much dunked on all the reviewers and naysayers with their $399 solution to VR, with both a PC-bound and independent VR solution – their Quest and Rift S lines.

Now, anyone can enjoy VR for roughly the same cost as a PlayStation. And unlike the PlayStation, VR transports you into another world, with complete freedom to look around and move around to your heart’s content.

Naturally, with every new platform, first, you get the tech demos, then pornography follows. After that, we see game releases, and finally, the two worlds collide, bringing you pornographic games. Virtual reality went through the same four steps, in that order. First, they showed us what VR would look like; then, Beat Saber won the hearts and minds of the common folk.

Afterward, porn producers realized that 180-degree 3D cameras were pretty darn cheap, and finally, Unity 3D introduced native VR support. Other game engines followed suit, but it barely matters at this point. Once Unity came through with a free and simple way for people to make their visions come true in virtual reality, it was clear that a productive storm was brewing.

So, without further ado, here are the results of that storm – the best VR games worth playing in 2024:

7Honey Select Unlimited

This smash hit by developer Illusion brings all your wildest dreams to fruition in virtual space. It’s a video game rendition of the awkward sex fantasy that every hentai fan has had at least a million times over – having your harem of girls who are always willing to sleep with you. Plus, the game’s made in a 3D hentai style, so it’s clear who it’s marketed towards. Weebs.

Going Eastern with the design has served this game very well. The art has been pushed to the absolute limit of current 3D VR capabilities. Mind you; these girls are not meant to look realistic. They’re meant to look like anime waifus, and that is exactly what you get with Honey Select.

The gameplay, if you can call it that, is straightforward. It’s a simulator game where you create a character then sexually experiment with her to your heart’s content.

Sexual positions and environments are entirely up to you, but the best part of the game seems to be the actual character creation. There are tons of sliders to let you customize damn near every part of the girl.

And, since the game has a very active community, this means you can flat out download templates for recognizable fictional characters. So, you don’t have to mod your own Tifa Lockhart, you can download someone else’s and do her until you’re blue in the face.

It’s important to note that a lot of casual players have complained that the game’s controls are way too complicated, so much so that they couldn’t enjoy the game. It would appear that this is, after all, a niche title for only the truest of hentai fans.


An entirely crowdfunded effort by a seemingly anonymous team of developers, this game has the same intentions as Honey Select, but squarely towards realism and proper simulation.

Namely, you get to have sex with actual real-world pornstars, but they’re rendered as realistic 3D characters. That means you could have Riley Reid in your bedroom by the time this review goes out. At least, you can have a Riley-like 3D rendition, but, like the original, she’ll have absolutely no sense of restraint, so you’re in for a treat.

The game is available on the HTC Vive and Oculus.

5Elven Love: Naughty Rituals


This one’s a casual simulation game that seems to be heavily inspired by World of Warcraft’s art style, combined with some more westernized ideals of 3D female bodies. – That is to say, no matter how alien or fantastical a woman might be, her breasts will still be perfect human Double-Ds.

In this game, you get to get it on with the hottest of elves, both dark and vanilla, in an exceedingly polished fantasy setting. The characters themselves are slightly cartoonish but still strike a very realistic vibe.

The game’s available on the HTC Vive and Oculus, through SteamVR.

4Waifu Sex Simulator


This one’s a quaint simulation game that is available as a regular Desktop game, but also playable on the Vive and Rift. It’s also available through Android and iOS cardboard middleware. It would seem that the developers of this game wanted you to get your fill of nubile anime girls. You can think of Waifu Sex Simulator as a light version of Honey Select, with much simpler controls and a generally looser take on graphical fidelity.

3VR Kanojo


Yet another simulation game in which you get to have sexual interactions with a hentai babe, but in this case, it’s just the one babe, and she is a schoolgirl. This game has the least customizability of all similar entries, but it comes with extreme next-gen graphics that put other VR games to shame.

If you care about being immersed in a date scenario with a cute hentai babe, this is the game for you. It’s on SteamVR, playable through both Oculus and Vive.



According to, SinVR might be the most excellent fan-favorite VR porn game so far, and many other porn reviewers echo this sentiment. It’s incredibly similar to other simulation games like Honey Select, but it comes with an extremely westernized art style.

It’s a lot more down to earth in how human the girls actually look. Plus, it comes with a ton of customizability and different environments, so maybe it’s the slam-dunk you’ve been looking for.

No Clear Winner?

Most VR porn games on the market today are barely in beta, so it’s really not the time to be picking favorites. If you’ve got a VR headset, you need to check out most if not all, of these and keep your eye on the industry.

It’s unclear whether hentai will prevail or western 3D will prove victorious. One way or another, horny 3D babes are coming to your bedroom, and thanks to Oculus, they’re only a few hundred dollars away.