If you have long dreamed of going on vacation, then we advise you not to choose resorts where there will be a lot of people, but we advise you to choose picturesque places, such as mountains, deserts, or forests. We advise you, as they say, to reunite with nature.

For such trips, we advise you to rent a full-size SUV. Because in such unconditionally picturesque places, mostly, of course, non-tourist, there is often off-road, through which it will be possible to drive only on an off-road vehicle. And if you do not have such a car, then of course it will be good to use a rented SUV.

Renting a car is convenient because you don’t have to adjust to other people and travel schedules to the places you want to visit. Also, a rented SUV is good because you can take more things you need.

And below we provide you with picturesque places that you can visit on an off-road vehicle.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


The Plitvice Lakes National Park is spread over an area of 295 square meters in the central part of Croatia. In the reserve’s boundaries, there are 16 lakes, which are connected to each other by waterfalls and connected by hiking trails.

Also located here is a limestone canyon and the “Big Falls” seventy-eight meters high. An electric boat runs between the twelve upper and four lower lakes.

Lake Morskie Oko, Poland


Morskie Oko is the largest, transparent lake in Poland, which is where in the picturesque Tatra Valley, surrounded by European cedar pines. The natural attraction is part of the Tatra National Park.

The lake is surrounded by mountains rising 1000 m above the surface of the water. Trout are found in the lake in the mountains, but fishing is strictly prohibited here, as well as swimming.

Lake Bled, Slovenia


Lake Bled of glacial-tectonic origin is located in the Julian Alps, at the foot of the Pokljuka Plateau, in northeastern Slovenia. It has a height of roughly 500 meters above sea level and a surface area of roughly 144 hectares.

The 35-kilometer gap between the national capital and the natural attraction The length of the lake is 2120 m, the width is 1380 m, and the maximum depth is 29.5 m. Mountains and forests surround the miracle of nature on all sides, and the medieval Bled Castle flaunts on its northern shore.

Waterfall Parc de Saint-Pont, France


The cascading waterfall Parc de Saint-Pont is located in the southern part of France, a short distance from Marseille, next to the Cistercian Abbey and the Abbey de Saint-Ponce, which flourished at the beginning of the 13th century.

Wide streams of water run down the rocks, and cliffs are covered with moss, and at the bottom are connected to the water artery. The natural attraction is far from the tourist trails, so it is not easy to get here. However, the incredibly beautiful sight is worth the effort.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland


In the canton of Schaffhausen, near the village of Neuhausen am Rheinfall, on the Rhine River is the main water attraction in Switzerland – the largest, full-flowing, flat waterfall in Europe called the Rhine. It reaches a height of 23 m. Its width is 150 m.

It is possible to enjoy the view of the miracle of nature from the observation platforms, and to feel the power of the falling water, perhaps by sailing to the center of the Rhine Falls on a ship.

There are many other stunningly beautiful places in Europe that are worth seeing with your own eyes! When planning a trip to European countries, pay special attention to booking a hotel and a car! Carefully read the reviews on various sites and try not to fall for scammers.