The creative gears in our heads are constantly grinding on and on to decorate our surroundings to make it look more beautiful and glamorous so that they are enough to make any guest envious when they visit our home. Decorating a home with your own personalized touch is no ordinary feat – it requires planning, articulation, and constant bursts of creativity. While it’s easy to decorate the floors and interior of our room with various types of furniture and interior items, it’s often our walls that get neglected from our creative touch.

Walls are an essential part of any home, especially the living room where we spend most of our time. Therefore, to ignore decorating a wall is a sure way of missing out on decor chances and creative ventures that not only enhance the wall but also boisterously enhance the overall look of your home. However, walls are such peculiar objects to decorate that it can often get confusing as to what decorations should be done.

If you are stuck on ideas for your wall decoration, don’t worry because we have you covered. With various new decors coming out daily, there is no shortage of wall decors to decorate your living room wall with. Amazing decor ideas have been rising in popularity such as personalized canvas photographs for your living room wall which are offered by various companies like In this list, we’ll be discussing several clever and intuitive ways that you can use to decorate your living room wall in the most personalized way possible.

1. Colorize your walls with large-scale paintings or artworks


Nothing shouts class and style louder than large paintings or artworks decorating your wall. The artworks you put up can signify your taste in art and impress whoever comes into your living room.

It’s rich, it’s sumptuous, it’s glorious and it’s the painting decorating your wall. Paintings are the one thing that you can’t get wrong with when stylizing your wall with your own touch.

2. Use your furniture on walls


Everyone can agree that kitchen shelves situated on the walls above the sinks grant a richly decorative aura for the kitchen. Similarly working on that basis, you can consider furnishing your wall with normal shelves, or even bookshelves.

With an appropriate wood color, shelves can not only look rich but also can carry additional decor or essential items for you. Likewise, bookshelves can store your books for you and show your taste in literature to everyone.

3. Transform your wall into an art or photo gallery


Who needs to go to art and photo galleries when their living room itself looks like one? By properly designing and slotting your small paintings, artworks, and photos, you can design for yourself a mini photo gallery to look upon for you and your family, and also for anyone who comes into your house.

This is a relatively expensive way of decor but also the one that looks the cleanest and most meticulously designed. You can be assured that your gallery won’t fail to impress.

4. Wallpaper your walls into beauty


Already have stuff decorating your wall but it still looks dull? Then your one last chance of creative redemption is wallpaper.

Wallpapers can beautify the entire background of your walls, not only giving it an enhanced look but also making it match more with your placed decors. It’s a great option for anyone who is thinking of enhancing the entire look of their room in a single stroke.

5. Show your love for the world with maps


Maps are becoming an increasingly creative way to decorate your walls with. Having an oversized map of your favorite country can let others know of your preferred country and you’d be surprised to know how many interesting conversations have been started because of this particular decor.

Maps are also one of the cheapest ways to decorate your wall so you end up saving several dollars that you can use on other things.

6. Cycle your way to creative style with bicycle mounts


If you are a fresh graduate out of high school or college, and just have your old bike lying around on the side, why not mount it? Mounting bicycles on walls is getting more and more popular, especially with young adults who want to be creative in their own way.

Mounted bikes get everyone’s attention instantly, save your living room space, and give you a more convenient way of picking up your bike in case you decide to use it. With benefits and cycles all around, you should surely use it as a decor idea for your living room wall.

7. Make mirrors mirror your creative taste


Mirrors are one of the easiest decors you can use to decorate your living room. An ornamented and decorated mirror above your mantelpiece or fireplace not only looks beautiful but also serves a lot of utility by giving you another way to look at yourself while getting ready.

Mirrors thus provide immense value in terms of decoration and usage which is why you should definitely consider adding a mirror to your wall to make it look more glamorous and beautiful than before.

8. Mount your displays and get a modern look


Mounted displays, may it be monitors from your PC setup or your television set, look amazing on walls. Mounting your displays on walls saves on space that they could have occupied while on the table or shelf which gives you more headspace to work around beneath the displays – all while your mounts prove themselves to be great and easy to do decors.

9. Let your guests know your thoughts by painting quotes


One of the sure ways to get attention, if literally, nothing else on the list works, is by painting quotes on your walls. If there is a quote that inspires you to get up from your bed every day and work, then let the world know about it by painting it on your living room wall. Quotes act as great wall decor and display your school of thoughts that you can relate with for your own peace and for the thought-provoking of your guests.


There are several creative and clever ways you can incorporate to personalize your living room wall and give it your own taste of creativity and thought. We hope this article helped you out in doing just that, and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.