Have you ever considered offering a loved one a present for Easter Sunday? No, we don’t mean an Easter egg, although we’re sure that’s bound to go down well too. No, if you have someone special in your life who perhaps puts some sentimental value into Easter, you might want to go the extra step. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our suggestions for an amazing Easter Sunday gift.



When is jewelry not the right answer to a gift conundrum? If you have a loved one in your life, a good or unique piece of jewelry is the perfect way to show you care. But why should you give them jewelry at Easter?

Well, Easter is an important day symbolically. It represents new beginnings not just for the Biblical aspect but for the fact that it marks the first day of spring. It’s all about rebirth and moving on from the past.

An Easter gift would make for a good statement on moving on from past troubles or looking forward to perhaps a new addition to the family or facing new challenges together. If you’re looking for some ideas, you can find jewelry Easter Sunday gifts for women here. The good thing here is that anything goes. A ring has a very specific job and symbolism, especially when it comes to romance, but as a gift for Easter, you can have fun browsing earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, or anything else you can think of.

Sweet treats


Sure, Easter and food might cross over at “eggs”, but no one’s asking for eggs Benedict right now. It is an option if you fancy giving your special someone breakfast in bed. But for the rest of us, Easter means chocolate and candy. So do Halloween and Christmas but you get the idea. There is a sweetness to Easter that comes with the time and the charm of the holiday.

The fact that it marks the beginning of spring means that you can also take advantage of the in-season fruits available. That’s right, we’re really suggesting you make your loved one a fruit salad if they want something sweet. A bowl full of yogurt, rhubarb, strawberries and more can beat an Easter egg any day. Add a little meringue, which is made out of egg whites, and you’re really getting into the Easter spirit.

A weekend away


There’s nothing that says “I cherish you” like a trip away. There are the usual romantic suspects that immediately come to mind when you think of a trip away: Paris, Florence, any coast with sand and sea and cocktails. But we would say, in the spirit of Easter, that you should opt for a staycation.

With Easter comes new beginnings and nesting, so you might want to lean into that homey feel. A cabin in the woods can give you a chance to get away and take a sample of a life that you can have at home, if only for… Think about going out into the countryside where you can see the rebirth elements of Easter and spring all around you and you can enjoy the fact that the long winter is over and traveling is now a less treacherous idea.