The erectile difficulty is a condition common to millions of men worldwide. It causes discomfort not only among those who suffer from this dysfunctional inconvenience but also in their closest environment. They also feel guilty towards their partners; the impossibility of pleasing them causes feelings of low self-esteem, frustration, and inability to have satisfactory sexual relations with each other.

Penis implants are highly effective and can be very satisfying for many couples. However, the individual must be realistic and know what to expect. The implant will not restore full, youthful sexual function, nor will it increase penis length. An adequately informed individual knows what to expect and is usually happy with the results.

Even today, implants remain the last resort when restoring sexual function. The implant placement is final, and there is no return after surgery. It is a serious decision and should never be taken lightly. It should only be done after talking with your partner and doctor. Many men also want a second opinion before starting this procedure. After all, this decision is up to you and your partner.

1. Penile implants: the definitive solution to impotence?

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Contrary to widespread belief, the difficulty in achieving manly firmness does not only appear in mature men. Some conditions, such as stress and other problems of various kinds, inhibit libido and block the erection of the younger population too.

However, one should not despair or think that erectile dysfunction represents the end of healthy and satisfying sexuality. Fortunately, today it is possible to deal with the problem from various sides. One of them is to resort to penile implantation. If you want to find out more regarding this subject, click here.

2. What is a penile implant?

The implant of the male reproductive system is one of the most effective alternatives to treat the problem of impotence. In general, implants are usually used with surgery when other “natural” options have not worked or when the penis needs to be rebuilt due to disease, trauma, etc.

3. Types of penile implants

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  • Non-inflatable-flexible

The semi-rigid implant consists of bars placed in the erection area of ​​the limb. This type of solution is the most effective in men with spinal injuries or reduced mobility. Malleable prostheses are cheaper and simpler than other types of interventions. The drawback is that they can affect the shape of the penis or cause discomfort until the body gets used to it.

  • Inflatable-2 pieces

That is the most common alternative today. The most significant advantage of this implant is that it allows you to have erections at the desired time, it is more discreet than the malleable, and it is a more natural solution. It consists of two parts: the tubes, which contain a saline liquid to cause an erection, and the pump. The stiffness of the penis that is achieved is more limited than that of the 3-piece, although it is effective.

  • Inflatable-3 pieces

This type of implant is the most comfortable and satisfactory for men. The appearance of the penis, both in erection and at rest, is entirely natural. Prostheses of this type consist of three elements: tube, tank, and pump. The post-operative is faster and lighter, compared to other types of prosthetic implants. Although this intervention offers the best results, it is also the most complicated, so it is essential to put yourself in the hands of a highly qualified specialist.

4. Are penile implants reliable and safe?

All surgical interventions carry a series of associated risks. Although penile implants are quite safe and not very invasive, complications cannot be ruled out 100%. It is vital to choose a suitably qualified surgeon with enough experience in this type of operation to minimize the risk.

5. Does the implantation of male prostheses harm sexual activity?

Many men with erectile dysfunction problems choose the implant option since it is practically invisible, and the performance is highly satisfactory. The prosthesis is hidden under the skin. Only a slight scar is perceived in the area of ​​the penis and scrotum, or the lower abdomen. In many cases, such a scar is hardly evident.

The objective of implanting a penile prosthesis is to simulate a healthy erection. Therefore, both penetration and orgasm should be similar, although many men comment that they remain erect for less time. This problem is solved with new generation implants capable of increasing the caliber and length of the limb.

6. Penile implantations: Advantages and disadvantages. Get to know them!

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This type of intervention allows men with impotence problems to enjoy their sexuality again. However, the drawbacks must also be taken into account.

Before undergoing an intervention of this magnitude, you should know its advantages and disadvantages, and put yourself in the hands of a proven specialist. One of the contraindications of these implants is that they can block the option of having natural erections. If the prosthesis were to be removed, it would not be possible to achieve the stiffness of the limb naturally.

7. Penile transplant: the final solution?

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In the United States, Thomas Manning, who lost his penis to a testicular tumor, has become the first man to receive a penile transplant and has become a speaker for many men in the same situation.

In an interview with the BBC, he took the opportunity to raise public awareness about the dramatic situation in which many veterans who suffered traumatic amputations due to the explosions survive.

Dr. Cetrulo, chief of the medical staff at Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston), stated that the operation has been a historic achievement in surgical history.

8. The latest discovery: implants that are activated by heat

A group of North American scientists has developed a penile prosthesis from a material called nitinol. This material is highly flexible and reacts to certain factors, including heat.

Prostheses made with this material make the penis remain retracted when the body temperature is average, and expand when it increases. The contraption, which requires surgery, is placed at the base of the penis. Are we facing the most effective solution to combat erectile dysfunction?

The Final Word

Sexual adjustment after surgery is a gradual process that involves psychological and physical changes. The availability of new medicines, devices, and procedures have significantly increased the possibility of a person having a satisfying sex life.