Peephole cameras have gained some notoriety due to improper use of these devices, but there are legitimate benefits of using one. The leading cause for incorporating peephole cameras in your domicile is safety, and using it on your front door won’t mean that you’re an eccentric person.

Until recently, our doors did not even have conventional peepholes, and there was no choice but to open the door to see who was behind it, whoever it was! Now we have peepholes, video intercoms, and the latest technology and security for our home: digital peepholes for doors. A whole discovery comes to the lives of more and more people every day.

There are different types of cameras that you can use at home or in your offices and one of which is the peephole camera. If you are unsure of the details of peephole cameras, you can visit gadgets spy for the full guide. They can introduce you to a wide array of options and will detail out each so you’d know what is best for you. Below are some advantages of having one:

1See your visitors


With the peephole camera, you will be able to see if who is knocking on your front door. A conventional peephole will have a limited view or picture of the person on the other side, but with advanced cameras, you will have a better look at the individual knocking.

Having the peephole camera will also give you the advantage of persons impersonating somebody you may know in an attempt to get you to open the door.

2You can be prepared for any emergencies

These devices may also save your life or property when combined with motion sensors near your front door. You will be able to see if somebody is attempting to break into the front door.

If you feel threatened by the person on the other side, you will be able to give a better description to the authorities when they come without having to face your would-be assailant personally.

3Will give an advantage to the disabled and elderly


If you are living with an elderly at home, there will be times where they’ll be on their own. It will be great for them to have a device that they can see their visitors before coming in.

Traditional peepholes are situated at a height that would possibly be too inconvenient for an older adult; having a peephole camera would solve that problem. With a monitor connected to the camera, you can place it in a position where it would be easy for them to see who’s on the other side.

4It helps you remain unseen by your visitor

The camera will give you an advantage of being concealed in your home, giving an appearance that you’re out somewhere when somebody comes knocking.

This way, if an unwanted person comes to visit, you don’t have to answer the door, nor approach it to have a view through the conventional peephole.

5Cost-Effective safety measure


Modern peephole cameras are now connected to a monitor or your smartphone, so you would have the most convenient position to see your visitors before they come in.

Peephole cameras may not be a standard package with a safety camera system, but the value it brings to your home will be much appreciated in terms of security. They are a lightweight system that can be installed through your front door or any place where you’d have a better angle.

6Discreet and easy to install.

From outside the digital peepholes of the doors do not differ in any way from the traditional ones, since they have the same appearance and size. At first glance, they are like any ordinary peephole, so the caller has no idea of ​​the extra security that the house has (or that they may be recording what they are doing).

Besides, this does not mean that they require large installations, quite the opposite. These modern peepholes are installed and configured, without having to have very technical knowledge about it. And they can be placed in the space occupied by the traditional peephole, so you don’t have to change doors if you don’t want to.

Before choosing your peephole, look at the thickness of your door so that it is neither short nor protruding.

7Sharper view


Traditional sight glasses often offer us an unclear view of the caller, depending on the angle, etc. With a digital peephole, we can have a full field of vision, as well as clearer and sharper images.

There are many sizes for your peephole: choose one that is neither too big nor too small; for example, one to three inches.

8You can record or take photos.

You can record images with your digital peephole, as well as take pictures of the people on the other side. Furthermore, you can send these images to your computer or to an app that you have configured and connected to your digital peephole; it’s perfect! Can you imagine how useful it can be to have recorded images or photos of a possible thief?

It is evident that home security and safety are paramount to everyone, and the peephole camera is an integral part of that exercise. The installation, specifications, and design should be to the owner’s requirements so that the solution would meet the needs of the user.

All these pros can be summed up in two significant advantages: SECURITY and COMFORT. More security for your home and more comfort for you, since they allow you to have maximum information with minimum effort.

Therefore, digital sight glasses are perfect for people who live alone or have reduced mobility, also for people who travel frequently and want to have control of who knocks on their door.

And ultimately, for anyone who wants to move to the next level when it comes to home security, taking full advantage of digital advances. Are you one of those people? Let us know your opinion about digital sight glasses!