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The gaming industry has achieved some amazing results. Who would say that being a professional gamer would be even possible? For most of the older people, playing games is a way of having fun. However, it became one of the most profitable professions in the world. It seems that the progress won’t stop now and it will continue in the future.

Yet, the development of advanced technology had a strong impact on that popularity growth. Everyone who has a computer or a laptop can download a game and play it. Despite that, most of the devices are powerful enough to support the majority of games.

Logically, we all have different tastes. People like different genres of the game. If your friend likes a certain game, that doesn’t mean it will be interesting to you. Yet, the good thing is that you can play most of the games on different devices. For example, if a small smartphone screen bothers you, you can play the game on your computer device. We suppose this is one of the benefits that modern technology has brought. Because of that, we want to analyze the best PC/Android platform games. You maybe do not know that your favorite game has an Android/PC version as well.

What If I Am Limited to Android Device?

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We know that people sometimes do not know how to show their skills on their mobile devices. However, even if the Android version of the game does not exist, that is not something that should bother you. Have you ever heard about Android emulators? These software solutions allow you to play android games on your PC device. So, if your favorite game is not cross-platform, then the alternative does exist. We recommend LD Player and see how to do something like that.

Anyway, when we made things clearer, let’s see together the best PC/Android cross-platform games.


Okay, Roblox is actually a set of multiplayer games. Something that would surprise you is that the games are created by the users themselves. Everything that you will see there is made by the player just like you. It is a platform that is specifically designed for adolescents and children. They have the chance to show their creativity. Because of its uniqueness, it already attracted millions of registered users.

The point of this game is to create a unique character. You will have the chance to do that with clothes, objects, mimics, and other accessories.

Finally, we need to say that playing this game is free. However, you have the option to buy the game’s currency Robux for real money.


We can say that Badland is some sort of sidescrolling game. The main character you control looks like a hedgehog animal. Your task is to control your character on a journey through forest and desert. Indeed, the main problem is that both places are full of dangers that you need to handle.

The forest and desert will look magical to you at first glance. However, it won’t be hard to realize when something bad starts to happen. There are dangers and traps on every corner and your goal is to overcome them all.

We do not want to hide; the interface of the game is simple. Yet, we assume that this is something that makes it even more attractive. Everything that happens in the game is in the form of dark silhouettes.

People mostly play it in a single mode. However, the multiplayer mode exists as well. Maximally 4 players can play it at once and they will have to pass over 30 levels. However, keep in mind that this is not an online game. All 4 players have to use the same device. This might be one of the disadvantages for some gamers. However, for some this makes this game even more special.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This cross-platform game is a strategic card game. If you are a fan of both genres, then this would be a perfect choice for you. Every move that you make needs to be smart and careful. More precisely, in every moment you will have to think ahead a few steps. The game itself will seem simple in the beginning. Yet, that feeling will disappear soon.

The point of the game is to collect your deck. You will have certain cards available and you need to make the most powerful combination. In that way, you will cause damage to your enemy.

Some people like to compare this game with poker. Logically, the rules are different. Yet, you need to design a strategy, collect incredible combinations, and sometimes bluff. All these methods will lead you to victory.


Well, this game is not so old, but it gained huge popularity among gamers for a short time. Well, this is an online game that players can play in multiplayer mode. The interesting thing about this game is that 100 players (sometimes less) fight in the “royal battle”. Their only goal is to survive in the end.

The game starts by jumping with a parachute. The player has the freedom to choose the moment to do that. In the beginning, there are is no equipment or gear that you can use. However, you have the chance to get them during the game process. There are many things that you can find such as weapons, medicine, and other useful equipment. All of that you can only find by exploring the area. It is good to mention that each building in the game is available for search. All of them are hiding a necessity that will help you win the game.

People play this game on different devices and we will let you decide on one. However, it is good to know that a mobile version fully reproduces the full computer version on your smartphone. This means that all the important details of the map are displayed on your device. Despite that, seasons, time of the day, and things like that are also something you can see on the screen. You will feel like you are truly on the battlefield.

The weapons are realistic and they have all the features at the real models. This includes bullet sped, charges, penetration, and much more.

So, which of these cross-platform games seems like the best one?