Most people’s goal is to obtain a bachelor’s degree and land on a stable, high-rewarding job. But there are different education systems to achieve a degree, depending on the place where you want to study. In the UK, when accomplishing a Science and Technology course, you can acquire either a BSc or BSc Honours. But let’s focus on what Bachelor of Science Honours or BSc Honours means.

What does BSc Honours mean?


It is a qualification equivalent to Level 6. This is given after you’ve reached the set standard to be considered as a professional in the Science-Technology industry. Obtaining BSc Honours means that you are a professional who underwent proper training and gained relevant knowledge and skills. Often times, the degree BSc Honours is more respected than the usual BSc. Employers think that BSc Honours has higher standards and more challenging than the normal BSc. This is due to its longer and more in-depth course outline, plus the additional year and dissertation as final requirement.

Discovering what BSc Honours is through the usual way


When you wish to obtain a BSc Hons, there is a common track students pursue. That is entering a university and getting a course under the Science and Technology field. The entry qualifications depend on what the institution demands. However, taking a course is just the starting point for BSc Honours. Compared to BSc where you’ll learn about the basics of various subjects, this degree requires you to have in-depth, extensive research. Taking BSc Honours signifies that you are a learner who is committed in studying a theoretical degree. This qualification isn’t as simple compared to others but once you’re done, you’ll be harvesting the fruits of your crops. The syllabus is a combination of basic science and specialized subjects which enables the students to have deep understanding.



Privilege isn’t given to everyone. There are also other factors that may hinder students in taking BSc Honours. Some can’t enter a university due to large expenses; others aren’t willing to undergo a complex and time-consuming learning. These instances are for those who have other commitments that they have no choice but to comply. With this, there are other ways for you to still be qualified despite of not obtaining a BSc Honours. As an aspiring professional in the Science field, never think that not achieving a BSc Honours means failure. Rather, think of other ways for you to find an opening that could lead you to your desired path.

One alternative is to take online courses. These online courses may not accurately equate to the value and meaning of BSc Honours, but these are effective ways to be a qualified professional. Many institutions like the College of Contract Management offers vast range of courses under the Science and Technology field. Some of the courses are – HND in Accounting and Finance, Advanced Diploma in Structural Engineering, HND in Business Management. Taking these programs is already a good foundation as you pursue your chosen career path.

The advantage of taking the route of alternatives is that it is conducted online. It ensures convenience since you can learn anywhere and anytime. You can acquire knowledge at home with your chosen period since there are no specific schedule. Your comfort is guaranteed which can be helpful in your learning process. Online courses are also more economical so these are the factors that pushes learners when choosing the alternatives.


BSc Honours means that you are a competent profession in your chosen field. It is a highly regarded qualification that is used as an advantage to stand out in the job market. It will help you achieve the position that is highly rewarding with high salary. However, these benefits aren’t limited to the individuals who’ve obtained the degree. Other professionals who took the alternative path can also experience such benefits. Alumni and professionals from the College of Contract Management can attest to that. Despite of not obtaining the BSc Honours, they still became recognized professionals in their own fields. Having a place of learning that has effective educational system like CCM will help you in finish your journey.