Are you thinking of buying a new sex toy? Or maybe it’s your first attempt at getting an erotic gadget and you’re completely lost. Whether you’re experienced or a total newbie, you might be seeking some advice on which device to get. This is the best place to start! In this article, we’ll let you know the best sources to get an honest opinion about your new sex toy.

Talk to Your Friends

It’s time we stop thinking of sex life as a taboo topic, something not to be mentioned. The truth is, the more you communicate about sexuality and gadgets, the more insights and points of view you’ll have. If you want to talk about these topics in a safe environment, nothing will beat doing it with your best friends. A close group of friends will help you feel safe and relaxed, asking all of your doubts and sharing experiences about the sex toys everyone has tried. Check with your friends to see which sex toys they recommend and if they can give you any special pointers on their functioning.

Talk it Over With Your Partner


Even though some people prefer to use sex toys completely alone to pleasure themselves and get to know their bodies, others actually like to enjoy them along with their partners. If this is your case, then you should also check in with your partner about the type of sex toy you want to purchase. Some couples are all about bondage, others enjoy role play and dressing up, and there’s also the classic couple who wants to add a little vibration to your meetups. You and your partner will be able to pick a sex toy according to your likes and dislikes, and it’s also great if you can enjoy it for yourself afterward!

Read Sex Toy Reviews

Nothing will let you know more about the performance of a particular gadget than real people’s sex toy reviews. If you visit a trusted erotic online store, you can easily learn more about the hundreds of items and check them one by one. Pick the ones you find more attractive and read thoroughly their description and their features. At the bottom of each product’s page, you’ll see all of the reviews other buyers make. Most people are eager to share with the store and other potential customers the best and the worst features of each sex toy, so you can trust the opinion of someone who’s actually used the gadget.

Read Blogs/Watch Vlogs

Online sex toy stores are not the only websites you can visit in order to get a clue as to which erotic gadget to purchase. There are thousands of erotic blogs and sexual lifestyle vloggers who love to share their experiences on their platforms for others to read or see. Many bloggers write extended reviews on certain products, while others write full guides on the best sex toys in different categories. You can even learn a bit more about how to use a certain sex toy, how to care for it and some fun tips to make the most out of your gadget alone or with your partner.

Have a Consultation With a Sex Therapist


A Sex Therapist is usually a doctor, counselor, or healthcare professional who has a special degree in order to aid patients with sexual problems, albeit physical, emotional, and relational. When you go to a consultation with a sex therapist, you can feel safe to talk about any issue or doubt you have relating to your sex life. You can ask your therapist about a specific problem happening in your body, how to have a better sex life with your partner, and, of course, you can ask them all about sex toys. A sex therapist can provide you with reliable information regarding vibrators and other gadgets, and even make a recommendation based on what you tell them.

Go to a Sex Shop

Other great taboo people have regarding their sex lives is visiting sex shops. People think society will judge them or brand them as “dirty” if they ever set foot in one of these establishments. The truth is, sex shops are places where you can learn a lot, and the staff is usually pretty open and nonjudgemental about your motives. Leave your fears behind and look for a sex shop nearby (you can also look for a more distant one where no one will know you). Go with your partner or friends and check out their whole catalog, don’t be shy and ask all sorts of questions to the employees, they’ll be more than happy to help!

Think About Your Fantasies

This might sound a bit odd, but you might find more information than you’d think by looking deep inside your mind. Our fantasies are reflections of our big desires and curiosities we’d like to explore. With this in mind, it won’t hurt to dig a little deeper into your brain and think about those sensations you’re eager to feel, or exactly what you’d like to do or have done on your body. Fantasies can help you determine the most basic features you’re looking for in your new sex toy. You might discover you want to experience strong vibrations, or maybe you’d like to know what it feels like to be gagged.

Watch Erotic Movies/Porn to Get Ideas


This is another great taboo among people and it shouldn’t be! Erotic movies and porn videos might get some things wrong (unrealistic body standards…) but you can still learn a lot from watching one. Erotic movies usually get pretty creative and innovative when it comes to gadgets, disguises, and sex toys. Not only will you add items to your wishlist for your next purchase, but you’ll also get some interesting ideas as to how to use them.

As you can see, there are many places (both physical and virtual) where you can get an honest, safe, and insightful opinion on which sex toy to buy. We recommend you let your taboos and fears behind, that is the first step to making a conscious choice.