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If you believe that you are a lucky man, then you probably tried your luck in some of the slot games. Today, you can find many online slot games and play them wherever you are. There is no need to go to the casino when you want to have some fun because you can do it from the comfort of your home. The hard thing is choosing the right game for you since there are too many of them.To find the right one for you, sometimes that includes trying out many games, but sometimes it is the first you come across. In this text, out of the top ten slot games, you will probably find that special one for you, and if you want to relax and find out even more games available, visit The choice probably won’t be simple since there are too many great options to choose from, but the fun is sure guaranteed.

1. Progressive Jackpot

The culture of casino and slot games in European countries is very high, but in Finland, it is something special. Some researchers showed that Finns spend around 14 EUR weekly on gambling, and one of the most played slot games in Finland is the Progressive Jackpot. As the name itself says, the grand prize increases with every round when there is no jackpot.

When someone wins the jackpot, the grand prize goes back to the predetermined value and starts increasing once again. There are plenty of games with this type of grand prize, and they are for sure fun and amusing, and also the one where you can win some decent money.

2. Desert treasure

Desert treasure is popular worldwide. This game has an engaging theme in which you are getting your wealth by lining the Wild, Scatter, and Bonus symbols. Finding the Oasis bonus symbol gives you an interactive bonus game in which you can win the 5,000x jackpot by lining five of the Golden Cobra Wil.

Dollar Ball feature is the progressive jackpot you can also win. That means that this jackpot contains a little money of every bet in the game. Everything you need to do is pick five numbers out of 49, and if your combination is the same as one the machine picked, you are winning the jackpot.

3. Starburst

Starburst game becomes one of the most popular slot games today. It is ideal for beginners, but also professionals who want to try their luck. It is a simple slot game, without many things that you need to figure out. This game is famous all around the world, maybe because playing it is possible on your mobile phone.

The prizes you can win are big, and the top prize is 50,000x the stake up for grabs, and you can win two bonus features.

4. Cleopatra

What makes this one stand out from all other games is both the amusement and the prizes. It has 20 paylines, and with lining up matching symbols, you can earn money. There are several symbols, but the most valuable one is the Cleopatra logo. Great graphics, intriguing symbols, and amusing sound effects are enough to satisfy any slot lover. And with options like multipliers, you can earn even more cash, and using Auto Spin is excellent if you want to extend your playing time.

5. Age of the Gods

This game based on Greek mythology is maybe not new, but it is still quite popular. What you need to do to win the prize is lining up five different Gods (The Pantheon of Power), which will result in a payout with 200x the stake. There are also some bonus features if you manage to line up three of the same God, and much more.

Today, there are ten versions of this game, but the first one is still the one that players like the most.

6. Reel Rush

If you are looking for a visually remarkable game with a high payout, then the Reel Rush is the one for you. What makes it so unique, along with the good prizes, is the unconventional setup. It has five reels, but when you start, the letter R is covering some positions.

The more consecutive wins you get, the more positions are getting activated, and you are that much closer to the jackpot. As the prizes go, the RTP (Return to Player) rate of Reel Rush is at 97%, and with the average slots RTP percentage of 90%, it is obvious why this game is one of the players’ favorite ones.

7. Aliens

For gambling enthusiasts and for everyone who adored the movie classic from 1979 – Alien, this game is a perfect match. Remarkable graphics will make you feel like you are in Vegas, and with first-person shooter-style aminations will make you relive the movie. The goal of the game is to pass as many levels as you can, and plenty of bonus features will make it more interesting. The Alien RTP is much higher than it is the case with other slots, and combined with the overall experience will leave you with no excuse not to try out this new but highly-rated game.

8. Double Bubble

This one is quite simple, yet so entertaining game launched back in 2014. The mixture of eye-popping fruit and bubble-themed icons makes it very enjoyable, and with a high RTP rate, it is also one of the most favorable games. The players who like frequent payouts and simple slots, Double Bubble is the right choice.

9. Monopoly

When one of the classic and great board games comes as a slot, the fun is guaranteed. Even those who are not a big fan of the original game, bonus features that you can trigger with specific symbols, will make you ask for more. Spin until you win, Go, and Multipliers are just some of those features which make this game one the top-rated. The RTP of the Monopoly slot is also quite high, with the rate at 95%.

10. Quick Hit

Launched in 90tis, Quick Hit is another classic game that provides good fun and high payouts. The traditional Vegas symbols will make you feel like in Vegas, and graphics combined with music will bring you back to when this game first came out. There is also a free app so that everyone can enjoy this game. Another fact that is good to know is that Quick Hit RTP is at 94.06%.

Online slot games are ideal for everyone who likes good fun mixed with the opportunity to win the money. Choosing the right slot may be difficult, and Casinos didn’t do much favor with so many of them, but there sure is one for everyone, and this list should make that choice easier.