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It seems gambling has been around if people have been interacting. Archaeologists have found what might be evidence of wagering, even in pre-historic cave paintings. For most of human history, gambling was based on one competitor defeating another in some test of speed, strength, or brains. Roman bookies made a fortune on gladiator matches. Pretty bloody way to make a living, but the fans wanted to put money their favorite fighter, so somebody was always there to take their action.

Next huge step

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Many sports fans complain gambling has been more of a corrupting influence on the games they love, but once football and the point spread took hold, that was it, gambling became an institution. After the internet arrived in the 1990s, wagering took its next huge step by going online and covering pretty much any organized team or individual sport, anywhere in the world.

Massive, worldwide obsession

But it was Bitcoin that changed the entire wagering landscape forever. Online gaming not only became a crucial part of sports wagering, but it’s also become the core of what is the far bigger sector – casino games. That’s grown into a massive, worldwide obsession that draws more and more fans every day as new games are continually being introduced or improved.

Did gaming stabilize Bitcoin?

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So, let’s take a look at the top 5 bitcoin casinos. Of course, the great thing about bitcoin and the highly secure blockchain technology it is impossible to track who is making wagers and where their winnings are going. It would not be a stretch to go as far as saying that bitcoin gaming stabilized bitcoin after a lot of price volatility. It turns out bitcoin is the perfect cryptocurrency for online gaming, whether for casino play or sports.

1. 24Pokies

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I’ve looked around quite a bit and read bunches of reviews and tried out many different bitcoin-based casinos. My personal favorite is It’s aimed at Australian players, but that’s just a minor inconvenience. If you know anything about online gaming, you know that it’s wise to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that gets you past national boundaries. I get the feeling getting a VPN is something bitcoin casinos expect you to do anyway. As I’ve said before, you’re an adult, so YOU are best suited to decide what you want to see and do online.

One of the very cool things about is there’s not a ton of pressure to start pumping cash into your account right away, which is very easy to create, by the way. There are plenty of free and challenging casino games that help get you warmed up and ready to take on some real wagering when you’re ready. Some big names in the bitcoin casino universe that provide games include Merkur, AMATIC, NetEnt, Betsoft, Novomatic, and plenty more.

Another great thing this site has figured out is the mobile version. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, and I’ve run across plenty of bitcoin casino sites that have trouble when you go onto mobile. This one is seamless and carries your wagers from one device to another. Some popular casino titles you’ll find on 24pokies are The True Sheriff, Fruit Zen, Tipsy Tourist, Under the Bed, and lots more. gets full marks for the smooth deposits and withdrawals, and some excellent sign-up bonuses are worth hunting around for.

2. Fortune Jack

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Second, on my list is Fortune Jack. This is a well-established brand that long-time bitcoin gamers will recognize as being honest and well-run. Fortune Jack has been around for 6 years and is licensed by the Curacao government. Okay, that may not sound like much, but online wagering veterans will tell you that casinos registered in the Caribbean island have an excellent reputation. Fortune Jack is well-known as a superb bitcoin poker casino. If you’re into online poker in a big way, this is the site for you. It also has over 500 games, and new or updated versions are always joining them. Another feature I like a lot is Fortune Jack takes more than bitcoin. This casino gaming site accepts eight different cryptocurrencies.


Third, on my list is It’s a well-established site at 5 years old and has built up a solid following in the bitcoin casino world. VegasCasino offers hundreds of games literally for you to choose from, and you can try out a free version that gives you an excellent idea of what the real-world gaming experience is like. As with my Number 1 pick, VegasCasino does not present any problems when depositing or withdrawing your cash, something I see as a top consideration. You also get instant access to their Live Casino.

4. Mars Casino

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Number four on my list of top five bitcoin casinos is Mars Casino. If you love game variety, this is the hang-out for you. There are over 1,300 games to choose from! And new ones are always being added. These guys take the word “update” very seriously! The space theme is a bit corny, but who cares? What I like are the constantly rolling-over bonuses that offer new opportunities regularly. Mars Casino also has some generous promos that will bring you back. There’s a sign-up bonus of 100% up to 300 Euros, which is about average among quality sites. It’s also mobile-friendly so you can play on any device.

5. Stake

A relative newcomer to the online bitcoin casino world is Stake and has been around since 2017. However, it that short span of time, the site has made a very positive impression among bitcoin casino players. Curacao also licenses them, and the whole set up is done very professionally. The games are fair, and I like the 24/7 live help desk. The instant proof of deposits and payoffs is another positive, along with the nice fat payouts. Not a huge number of games but enough to keep you interested.