Imagine Beyonce writing a blog on the Internet to market a brand while also releasing a video on social media to promote the same product. Which one do you think would grab more eyeballs? We are sure you would prefer a video over a blog. As rightly said – a picture is worth a thousand words – and they are the icing on the cake. Nowadays, brands, start-ups, and individuals produce more videos than ever. They take help from Influencers, YouTubers, and Artists to showcase their products by getting them posted for brand promotions.

Getting businesses to focus on some market segment is the need of the hour. They produce 18 videos a month on average, and around 220-230 a year. About 76% of marketing teams have invested in video productions in the last three years. They come in various categories according to the wants and needs of the products and services, such as product, demo and video testimonials, recorded webinars, live streams, etc. Youtubers and Influencers use various video-makers such as InVideo to edit and post product unboxing videos to grab the attention and eventually create hype in the market about the recently launched products.


They help introduce products to potential customers and build lasting relationships with existing and loyal customers. In this dynamic marketing era, no one would want to get left behind by their competition because of not using the right marketing strategy at the right time. Video productions act as a bullseye, whose target points straight to the buyer’s doubts and thoughts related to the products and helps solve them without any worries.

If you are still on the fence about using them in the marketing strategies, the five points listed below will clear up your confusion and lead you to the path of increased sales conversions and product growth:

1. Videos drive organic traffic


According to the reports by BrightEdgeSearch, search results range from 65% to a whopping 250% through organic traffic. Your results will improve if you use the right keywords, meta description, high-quality thumbnails, and keep your videos short. Consumers spend more than twice as much time on a website with them than on the one without them. And the better the quality of your content, the more likely you are to get backlinks.

Google algorithm constantly prioritizes pages with the video content in search results. High-quality content boosts engagement and captures the attention of consumers, therefore, driving organic traffic and boosting your click-through rates, which are crucial factors in Google ranking factors.

2. Videos engage users for a longer time

Consumers enjoy seeing how-to videos rather than how-to articles, which increases retention rates and helps you reach your target audience. On average, consumers spend 88% more time on a website than on any other content. For instance, you can use an online Murf AI software to convert all your text into speech. The software can help you add different voices in different languages so that you can connect to a larger audience.

Consumers find videos more entertaining, but you need not ignore the written content. It is not an either-or proposition; you can leverage the power of video and written content to get the best of both worlds.

Continuous sharing on social media also opens the golden doors of business, as it helps reach your audience without much effort and makes your video marketing profitable. People love scrolling and watching them, which marketers consider a catch for their marketing campaigns.

3. Videos are captivating and command more attention


A consumer retains audio and visual sensory signals provided by videos. Both the features play a significant role in communicating an efficient message. According to studies, consumers remember 95% of the content when watched, whereas only 10% of the content when read. They are great storytellers, and they make information that is digestible and easier to understand. On the other hand, the text relies only on a specific choice of words, punctuations, and visual cues to convey its message. It is why people process visuals 60,000 times faster than they process text.

4. Videos boost conversion rates

Including a video on the landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%. 96% of the consumers watch explainer videos to learn more about the products and services, rather than relying on images and blogs. Replacing an image with a one on a landing page leads to more conversions, as they offer a more detailed description of your products and services. Busy customers, who can only spare 2-3 minutes of their time, prefer watching them to easily understand the implications and functioning of the products, thus, boosting the conversion rates. It is important to remember that people view older videos as well. A three-year-old video could still be relevant to your users with the correct combination of keywords and an evergreen subject.

5. Videos are easily shareable


According to recent studies, 83% of consumers consider sharing video content with their friends if they find it interesting and relevant. According to Wordstream research, social video receives 1200% more shares than text and picture material combined. It is shared 20 times more frequently than other types of content formats in the LinkedIn stream.

What is it about videos that makes them so popular? It is because they are not only amusing, but also provide useful information in the form of tips, techniques, and hacks. Some brands like Zomato and Netflix leave no stones unturned to make the best use of short and long ones and urge users to share their content with their followers and friends for more reach and visibility.

In a nutshell

They are an excellent medium for marketers to get a good reach. If video isn’t currently a component of your content strategy, you should consider experimenting with a handful of projects first. Without a doubt, numbers do not lie. And who doesn’t want to communicate with their consumers and expand their business exponentially? Now that you understand why brands and businesses require video content, keep in mind that it is not only the video itself that will help your business grow, it is also how you make use of it. Include video marketing in your business, and get ready to witness your basket fill up with magical numbers.