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Every three months our body needs to eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body over time.  Our body responds to all the needs or deficiencies it has internally, which is why headaches, gastritis, and certain discomforts become a constant for no apparent reason.

It is always necessary to purify the organism, but the truth is that it already does it by itself. The importance of consuming food and doing healthy things to detoxify the body lies in the possibility of helping our liver and other organs involved in the purification process to make the process easier and more effective.

To detoxify, it also helps that we adopt or transform some habits because toxins can come from outside as well as from inside our body. We can consume them through additives, chemicals, drugs, and, of course, by breathing polluted air. They can also be a product of the metabolism of our hormones, or of stress.

That is why it is important to leave the most industrialized foods, try to get away from the city to breathe clean air and meditate. It is as important to detoxify the mind as it is to detoxify the body – and we have guides on how to do it. But you don’t necessarily have to undergo multi-day ” detox ” regimens, which is unnatural and can cause a vitamin and calorie deficit, as well as damage to your intestines.

Why should the body be detoxified?

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Although it is more than clear that the main objective of detoxification is to be in good health, this may sound so general that it may be ignored that there may be other benefits.

By detoxifying the body, you can improve health, but also mood and energy levels. The hair, the skin, the nails, will reflect the changes and, as a result, we will look and feel better. In short, we will be more comfortable both inside and out.

If you manage to maintain good life habits over time, you can enjoy a good quality of life and well-being. So, always try to keep in mind the benefits you will get, so as not to leave out the constancy.

Tips to detoxify the body naturally

1. Stay well hydrated

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Of course, to detoxify the body naturally it is also recommended that you make sure you drink enough water every day. You do not need to drink 2 and a half liters of water each day. You should drink depending on your thirst and your needs. Remember that the water consumption that each person needs is determined based on several aspects, such as: sex, age, the state of health and the daily physical activity and, in general, the lifestyle.

2. Eat more fresh food

Give priority to eating fresh foods, such as vegetables, greens, and fruits. These provide you with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and also fiber. Choosing healthy, fresh, and naturally-derived foods will greatly contribute to your health and well-being and, in addition, will help you maintain a healthy weight.

It is also recommended that you try to incorporate more whole grains than refined flours into your diet. Other recommended options that you can enjoy are millet, quinoa, buckwheat, and oats, the so-called « queen of cereals «.

3. Eliminate fried foods, refined sugars, and flour from your diet

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As much as possible, avoid industrial food. Ultra-processed foods, frozen foods, fried foods, sweets, snacks, industrial beverages (including juices, teas, and flavored waters), as well as coffee, alcohol, and tobacco.

Today, the real food movement is being an inspiration for people who want to start improving their eating habits and make better decisions in their day today.

4. Change industrial drinks for natural drinks

Instead of consuming sodas, flavored waters, teas, juices, and other industrial beverages, try to include natural, homemade drinks in your diet, with no added sugar or sweeteners.

Some of the options that you can choose are fruit juices, smoothies and mixed shakes, teas, and infusions. Take advantage of the infusion of dandelion, mint, chamomile, and green tea. Or go with specialized drinks like Clear Choice detox drink which according to this review is cleaning your body so good that can even help you pass a mandatory drug test.

5. Exercise daily

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To detoxify the body naturally it is also necessary to move the skeleton and stay active day by day. So start programming yourself to give up sedentarism. Find an activity you like and start practicing it. As you get used to exercising daily, for at least 30 minutes, you can incorporate various practices. This means that, in addition to walking 30 minutes, you can do some cardiovascular exercises at home or complement your routine with the practice of a sport or a fun activity like Zumba or playing tennis or swimming.

6. Brush your body

Gentle brushing of the skin, after a relaxing bath, is said to help remove the dead cell layer, dirt and, at the same time, reactivate blood flow. This action is also considered to stimulate the lymphatic system. Brush your body occasionally with a soft brush.

7. Relax

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Remember that it is also important that you take care of your mental health. For this, it is not necessary to search for a specific method. It is enough that you learn to dedicate time, practice the activities that you like, or attract your attention and thus, do catharsis and release tension.

Dancing, listening to music, playing an instrument, painting, doing crafts, doing meditation, writing a poem, watching a chapter of your favorite series, eating a dessert made by yourself can help you experience pleasure and relaxation.

Remember that, on a daily basis, not everything should be responsibilities. You also have to make time for relaxation, enjoyment, and relaxation.

8. Get enough sleep

Enjoying restful sleep every day is also a very easy way to maintain good health. So do your best to get about 7 hours of sleep a day.

9. Reduce the number of fragrance products

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Scented candles, air fresheners, detergents, and cleaning products with artificial fragrances, as well as various cosmetics that have artificial fragrances can overload the environment.

Try to moderate its use a bit and avoid placing so many items with fragrances in the same space. It is also recommended that you ventilate your home daily and, above all, the room where you sleep, for at least 10-15 minutes.


We must avoid the consumption of medications as much as possible when having minor discomfort in our bodies. Choosing natural options such as these can improve our quality of life.

Likewise, it is essential to avoid alcoholic beverages and improve our eating habits because.